Why Empaths Are More Effected by Mercury Retrograde

Dear Empaths,

We are currently “enjoying” our second round of Mercury retrograde for 2016 (April 28-May 22). Have you ever wondered if Mercury retrograde affects sensitive people more intensely? I’ll tell you what I think: I think it does. I think Mercury retrograde swallows us from the inside out. And then I think we swallow it (the Mercury retrograde that swallowed us) and it gurgles in our bellies, causing the kind of spiritual indigestion that forces your soul to spend the whole month in the bathroom. If only there were a Pepto-Bismol for that!

So if I’m right about empaths being particularly spongey to the effects of the retrograde, then why is this the case, and what can be done about it? To answer this question, I have to share with you some information regarding what I “downloaded” last week. Mercury retrograde is much more than a three times a year occurrence that causes technology failures, miscommunications, mislaid plans and general annoyances. Mercury retrograde is a transdimensional event in which the unmaterialized past catches up to the present and future. That is, as we go through our daily life, there are slips and holes that get left in the netting of time like poorly sewn garments. These voids in the time-space continuum are experienced by us as unrealized or immature patterns, events, and feelings, in relation to our own emotions or our reality. These are the repressed memories, the missed opportunities, the unaddressed habits, the poorly realized belief systems, etc. Nevertheless, as life (and our time perspective) continue, the future manifests itself in the form of the present and these little blips of our past are left like inexplicable, gaping holes that draw no connection to the present. When the past and the present are thus misaligned, we require always, a time wherein the two can become one, and time can once again make sense of itself. The present will sometimes make us feel as if we are coasting along fine for the most part; but this perception is often in disagreement with our pasts. That is, there are things we didn’t take care of, and yet we’re living as if they had been already: in which case, the past and the present are not in agreement. This precariousness requires a catching up: enter Mercury retrograde. That’s why, come every Mercury retrograde, it seems like we’re stepping through a minefield of junk from the past, and every time we try to move forward (into the future) time reverses itself and runs us over backwards. During Mercury retrograde, we simply cannot move forward because we must move backwards. And this is more than just a planetary observation: this is the time-space continuum reforming its dimensional web. It’s a cosmic audit.


Because time is a perception, this catching-up occurs throughout the plane of our consciousness: in other words—Mercury retrograde might happen in the skies, but we see it from inside our minds. And because Mercury rules the mind, it’s all about our thinking—our belief systems, our plans, our notions, our ideas, our feelings, etc. Now, the reason that empaths feel this more strongly than others, is because empaths are what you might call star-children. Star children is a term that was coined by parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe and expanded upon by others, to describe many types of spiritual conditions/identities, but for our purposes, let’s just understand that star children refers to people who are acutely tuned into universal energy, the kind that reverberates from the next door neighbor, to the outer regions of the galaxy itself. When time wobbles and yanks back against its own current during planetary retrogrades, empaths ride that dimensional hiccup. It feels like your soul is riding the bull in a Texas honky-tonk.

The tendency, that I have noticed in myself and others, is to externalize this experience, and try to push forward against time’s insistence of going backwards. Empaths have a tremendous power to heal the cracks in time through the energy of the retrograde—and to thus heal themselves and others—which is our ultimate purpose. We have the power to not only survive, but thrive through each retrograde, if we only used the energy that manifests itself throughout us so richly. But the trouble is, much like empaths have been told to shield themselves, we’ve all been told (too many times) that Mercury retrograde is just basically a universal panic period wherein hysteria and disaster are the norm. We’ve digested this notion so many times over that we hardly question it.

But we don’t have to carry on this way. We don’t have to fight Mercury retrograde—which is essentially fighting the universe, and therefore ourselves. We all know how such battles end—bloody and trembling, wondering what in God’s name compelled us to declare war on ourselves. We all do this battle—fighting the long sworn enemy of that which we do not want to deal with. Unwittingly, people and events in our external world will resurrect the ghost of this enemy, and during the Mercury retrograde, we will do battle against this external. We wake up sweating and bloody, under the cold realization that we have only succeeded in defeating ourselves, while the past we wished to kill remains alive, laughing at us from inside our own bellies. It happened to me just last week. An old business arrangement I had maintained for over a decade came to a bitter and sudden end. I realized I had been taken for granted. Going quite willingly against my own better judgement, I “did battle” to prove I’d been wronged, and undervalued. I woke up the following day hung over from my own emotions, and deeply entangled in that which I knew was only my own ghosts, haunting me from the inside out. It’s true I’ve devoted my life and work to a spiritual path. But, I’m no holy person, I’m no Shaman, and I’m no Guru. Anger is my Achilles heel, and it’s an ugly one. People who know me will (probably) kindly describe me as easy going, but they would be only half-right, and half of them would know it. For many years, my circumstances lead me to believe that my only choice was to wage war. I’ve spent my adult life realizing that the only way I’d ever win was if I learned to dissolve my armor. But this Mercury retrograde, I found myself pressed up against the image of my repressed anger. I rushed into its arms, and repeated my old patterns. Luckily, I probably woke up soon enough that I kept myself from doing any extra, long term damage. But still, I faltered, and I wounded myself. How could I have done differently? Could I have used my empathic intelligence to change the outcome?


The answer is yes, and no. If you find yourself dizzy from a misdirected Mercury retrograde combat, as I did, then forgive yourself. Sometimes, empaths (and everyone for that matter) has got to express the volatility of our own fear of what we haven’t dealt with, just to get to the point of admitting that it is there. So when this happens, we needn’t come to the conclusion that we “failed” the retrograde challenge: instead, we can turn it around, and realize that our higher self has carved out a lens to our enlightenment. We’ve seen the error of our ways, and now we can finally heal that grand gap between the past and present. The best thing we as empaths, can do for ourselves during the Mercury retrograde, whether we’ve fallen prey to the emotional revolts it can spur or not, is to tap into the massive vortex of healing energy that Mercury retrograde makes accessible to us. That is, go deep inside at the first glimpse—whisper—mere hint of upset. We need to go deep inside, because that is where the underdeveloped past lies in waiting for us. Empaths do one thing ingeniously—we have the ability to feel as one with anything we choose. So for this retrograde, feel as one with your angst. We could hide from our sensitivity, as they’ve told us to do, or we could use it to command a wealth of knowledge and empowerment the likes of which they’ve never seen. Sure, angst and pain, and crisis are frightening. But these terrors are only illusions. As we confront them by feeling them fully, through the empathic heart, we see the entanglement of them dissolve into healing waters, and fresh air to breathe.

This Mercury retrograde is in Taurus, and since Taurus rules values, desires and worth this one is all about getting to the bottom of these aspects of life. Have we been pursuing what we truly desire, or what someone told us to? Are we valued for who we are, where we are, or do we need to find a better soil from which to grow our worth? On a universal level, empaths come together during this retrograde to facilitate the collective revelations regarding value. Our true worth exists in terms of our relationship to one and other, and all things—our true value is in our oneness. Empaths, being the great bonders and relators of energy, are called during this retrograde to use their potent access to all energy to command the collective realization of our value as one, great and eternal mind. As we empaths center ourselves upon the rhythm of this message, we unconsciously vibrate its energy throughout, without ever saying a word. And what’s more, we open the doors wide to our own vast internal healing that relates to our personal issues. Let the past bring your present to life, this Mercury retrograde empaths. Let us feel, rather than react. And let us in doing so, discover our own endless value and worth. Sometimes we all forget what we want, so let’s go deep inside, and let the guts lead the hunt.

Note: Some Mercury retrogrades will effect you more than other retrogrades depending on whether or not they “hit” your individual natal chart. To read my interpretation on the nature of This particular Mercury retrograde, click here.

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  • eevieReply

    Most awesome and validating. Thank you….we do have to go backwards before we can move forward……otherwise we are stuck 🙂

    • AlaynaReply

      Eevie you got it! Sounds like you’ve been through this a few times, like me! Thanks for sharing ♡♡

  • Robin SeefahrtReply

    Hi, I’m not into astrology, just Christian. As a highly sensitive person, I had abuse growing up with a very sociopathic family. Being the youngest I was the likely scapegoat as I had half siblings 20 yrs. older and far removed as even my 5 yr. older brother was. Except for one who died at an early age, we were not close. They were like my parents, narcissistic. 3 family members suicided. I have had major depression for years starting with my invalid mother who is gone now. In spite of all that I married a great husband and have 2 nice grown girls. I just want to live the last chapter of my life in harmony and be happy. Thanks for any insight, Robin

    • AlaynaReply

      Robin, First I want to say, congratulations on your amazing journey. Sociopaths play an important role in our destiny and purpose as empaths, and ultimately out survival always depends on our ability to let love conquer. That is no small feat. Clearly, you have gotten there. I got a little teary eyed reading that you’d been able to find love, and create your own beautiful family. You said you want now to lead a life of harmony and happiness–it seems abundantly clear to me just from the little you have shared, that that is what your soul embodies, and this embodiment of love is manifesting in your life. You may struggle with your demons, like we all do, but you are using your empathic intelligence to overcome them, one by one. ♡

  • Lauren MastorakisReply

    Thank you, this was truly enlightening. 😊❤

  • MeaghanReply

    This retrograde has been hard for me! Thank you for sharing, I can relate very well to this article.

    • AlaynaReply

      Thank you Meaghan! Well let’s toast to this one being over with! As much as I appreciate retrogrades, I’m not ever sorry to see them end!

  • BeingmeReply

    This retrograde has been really hard for me too, really a pattern which has been left unattended and ununderstood, came up again, caused more damage, I reacted . Though everything happened on 20 April. I want to know, once I have understood the inner pattern, am I free? Usually just being aware makes u free ? So am I free ?

    I think I am a empath. Mostly when I listen to someone I catch on them. Or watching TV, i feel sensations in my body if any one is being hit,i feel it in my body … does that make me empath? I have had panic attacks is that the reason, since I am sensitive….

    • AlaynaReply

      Definitely I would say you are an empath. Pretty much everyone is, but some experience it more so than others. From what you’ve shared here, I would put you in the latter category without hesitation. As for your other question, I’ll just leave you with these words: “The truth shall set you free.” -Jim Carrey/the bible…not that I’m promoting any religion here 🙂

  • JA PrimReply

    Gosh I’d love to pick your brain about some things! I just googled “why am I so sensitive to mercury retrograde” and found your article. My friends and I always joke about how I am tragically empathetic. I can literally feel retrograde coming, normally about 10 days before it starts. Like today.

  • LauraReply

    Going through retrograde now…as an empath it is excruciating. I have felt so angry, overwhelmed, and stressed. I’m snapping at my kids, my husband, and co-workers. Thank you for this, what a great read.

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