Change the Psychic Blueprint of Your Life’s Consciousness, Change Your Life

The Empathic Healing Method:

Change the Psychic Blueprint of your Life’s Consciousness, Change Your Life

What if you could mold yourself and your life, just the same as you would shape a lump of clay into a desired form, or sketch a blueprint of your dream home? It’s not an unrealistic process. We have been denied knowledge of the magnificent extent of our human spiritual intelligence. Empathic Consciousness allows us to channel and manipulate the energy of our lives, resulting in psychological healing and breakthrough that completely sidesteps the ongoing discussion, rehashing and redoing of trauma and childhood memory that is so commonly forced upon those who simply want to change their lives. In fact, the Empathic Healing Method has been observed in the psychotherapeutic setting, and the results have been overwhelming. This is because, using the Empathic Healing Method, we don’t just talk about problems—we actually change the psychic energy which feeds the very reality of our consciousness. See below to learn more.

What is the Empathic Healing Method?

The Empathic Healing Method in total, activates three separate levels of healing consciousness, which to put it very briefly consist of:

  1. Empathic Confidence & Energy Alchemy: The ability to consciously exist in one’s true empathic power, and both consciously and unconsciously ionize, transmute and heal so called “negative” energy. The result is neither being an “energetic sponge” or having to constantly armor oneself behind a repressive “energy shield.
  2. Empathic Psychic Energy Visualization & Manipulation: This is the second level of the method, which is more advanced and mobilizes the full potential of empathic intelligence. At this level, the empathic healer is able to channel and manipulate energy that composes the basis for their very existence, or that of others, allowing them to heal and mold their life into a design of their own choosing. This level deals with psychic energy in the body, mind and spirit of the individual.
  3. Spiritual Intelligences Development: Empathy is the core of all spiritual abilities and human intelligence. Think about it: empathy is the only natural intelligence, available to all sentient creatures, which allows them to understand the one true principle of existence: connection. All things are connected. Empathy involves our organic and divinely given understanding that nothing and no one is truly separated from anything or anyone else. Through this wisdom of our inherent, infinite interconnectedness, we access a portal of higher consciousness, through which we gain actual mental access to these connections. What this means is, through empathy, we may tap into other natural spiritual abilities, such as Clairvoyance, Manifesting, Crystal Programming, Telepathy, etc.

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