The Method

The Empathic Healing Method teaches individuals to:

  • Heal themselves and others emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.
  • Discover their own unique spiritual path and truth.
  • Embody their highest form of destiny.
  • Transform their life.
  • Manifest their desires.
  • Develop their intuition.
  • Visit other dimensions and worlds.
  • Communicate with supernatural beings.
  • Have a relationship with those who have crossed over.

Empathy is the ability to intensely relate, and when fully activated empathy will actually allow us to
become one with whatever or whomever we wish. Everything in this world, including our experience
and perception, is directed by energy—psychic energy. Psychic energy is also known as chi, life
force, etc. We have always known of its surreal importance in our lives. Empathy opens the doors to
the hidden realm of the psychic energy that guides the course of our lives and who we are. This is
because empathy allows us to become one with psychic energy. When we become one with the
underlying forces of energy, we can change them. And when we change the energy, we change our

The Empathic Healing Method breaks down the seemingly complex world of psychic energy in
an easy to understand and intuitive manner. Step by step, through fascinating yet down to earth
explanations, creative exercises, examples and video guides the reader learns how to:

  • Establish an acute level of intuitive, empathic awareness.
  • Physically experience and visualize psychic energy.
  • Remove negative psychic energy that is an obstacle to happiness and inner peace.
  • Evoke empowering psychic energy that moves life in the best possible direction.
  • Transform and heal the psychic body so that the mind and the soul can be liberated.
  • Channel sacred, healing information through empathic awareness.

Psychic, astrologer, lifecoach and healer Alayna Freese, developed The Empathic Healing Method
throughout her ten year career, and eventually decided to her share it with others.

Alayna consulted with psychotherapist and healer, Carolyn Tucker, to consider the effects of the method
in the clinical setting. Both Alayna and Carolyn have found that this method yields profound and immediate
transformation in their own lives and the lives of their clients, family and friends. Carolyn has
documented client feedback in the therapeutic setting and the results are overwhelmingly positive.

Alayna is devoted to sharing The Empathic Healing Method with others because she
knows that something this extraordinary is meant to be widely available.