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Energy Alchemy & Transmutation: Stepping into the Depths of Your Empathic Becoming

Dear Empaths,

This blog is your journey to energy alchemy. It is not the standard of anything you’ve read. It is deeper than that. This is your own echo, coming back to you. We empaths have all heard this voice. Let’s listen together.

Take a moment and remember who you are. Removed from the infringements of what you have been told, you will find yourself. There you are, waiting to be found. You have waited too long. Now it is your time. You have gone on, enduring the frigidity of advice which impeded upon you, and told you to wait still longer. This advice which told you to hide, to “shield” yourself, as if you were a soft and unnecessary creature. As if you were an accident which awaited some miracle of confinement to save it from itself.

How untrue all of it was. Spiritual alchemy, empaths—that is what you are. You are the essence of the sound of waves, recycling from the bottom of the ocean, to arise on the crest of movement, born in the hour that leads to the next—always coming from underneath, to the surface.

What is underneath? This is the bottom world. This is the world that only the brave souls can seek. This is the dark side of the moon, where the empath roams. Energy alchemy, is the process of transmutation, awakened in your palm. This is the turning from the blackness to the light, from hatred to love and from burning ashes to flight.

The Brave Belly

How is it done? Your belly, empaths, is where the power is held. Find your belly…the most inner part of it. This is where you wait for yourself. In this space, where all feeling becomes illuminated. This is where you feel the energy of the world. This is your door, through which walks the pain and the sabotage that drains and weakens you. But what can walk through this door is so much more. Dear empaths, you are the carriers of all consciousness, of all dimensions, and of the universe herself. Does this task sound too grand? It is not; for although in your individual way you are only one, you own still within you the beingness of all. What does this mean? You are both the individual and the collective. Your awareness is a paradox between these two states of being. You can escape them, only to find yourself back where you belong—in between all worlds—in between selves. Embrace this power. It is your light. You came as you are. You decided this.



Energy alchemy entails your invitation to this power. You invite the power, and you accept its invitation. It is easier than you may think. You’ve been told that everything is hard, because that is the programming of this world, in this time. But everything is not hard. Everything is whatever you perceive it to be. Open the doors now. Feel in your belly that hollow appetite which seeks to join itself to all things. Once you have it, conceive in your mind of the infinite. What is the infinite? What do you think it is? The infinite is whatever you conceive it to be. See the stars, galaxies, twists of time—yes, become David Bowie if you must! But see it! Think of the ages, think of the minds, think of the world around you. Do you have it? Good, now begin to sense it more. Feel the immense vibration. Feel it’s strange and eternal nature. Now let it invert, and flow from all directions into your core, into your belly.

You are becoming one. Let it flow. The feeling is intense. We’ve all been taught to distract ourselves from intensity. The feelings are what they want to take from us. It’s why they tell us to hide from them. But we are stronger than these influences, which are only voices of fear. We will show ourselves, and then them, that there is a better way than fear. Continue, empaths. Let it flow. We are doing this together. Allow the heaviness to become lightness in your body. Let all the weight of all things become zero gravity within you. Let its steady pulse set your rhythm. When you go about the world like this, you are walking with the waves of the world. You are the waves. Feel your rhythm.

The next part is this: direct it back out from you. All the traffic of the infinite—let its light flood from your systems. You cannot lose it, as it will only flow back into you. This is the gift of giving, and receiving—as the two are one and the same. Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed, and you can neither take, nor lose. For we are all connected, in the infinite light that transcends the illusion of separation.

As you filter it from your body, from your limbs, you begin to feel the rhythm of the waves increase, as the world around you becomes the waves with you. This is energy alchemy—this is the beginning of it. This is the way you move. You’ve known it all along. Searching as you have been for yourself, you knew deep down, all along, that this was where you were.


So how is this working? What is it doing? What you have just done is connect yourself, in no uncertain terms, to all that you were already connected to. But having made yourself so aware of it, what you have done is you have used your empathic intelligence to absorb the energy of everything that is. What we empaths are used to doing, is empathically (and often unconsciously) absorbing concentrated forms of energy. This is draining because it removes us from our higher wavelength—connected as one to all things. All humans are in essence empaths. But empaths are called empaths because we are the first carriers of this human light, intended to awaken this light in others, and bring the world to a higher dimension. This is the great empathic evolution. This is our special purpose in the Age of Aquarius, which will be further discussed in upcoming blogs.

When you engage in this first step in spiritual and energetic alchemy, you allow your form to become empowered by the infinite. And because the infinite is at peace in her totality, the microcosmic experiences of what we call “negative energy” come out in her wash. Negativity is a label which we assign to energy, and this label carries over in everyday exchange. But when connected to the infinite realms, this darker label is washed away and the energy is reborn—transmuted—alchemized.

What we will talk about next is how you can engage this energy on an everyday level—while you are sipping coffee or waiting in line at the supermarket. There is much more to energy alchemy, and its depths are as deep and as rich as you. For now, practice with this energetic contortion, in which your almighty belly becomes the altar to the world. I will talk in upcoming blogs and videos about how we can realize our purpose together; what the Age of Aquarius really means and more about our involvement in it; and how we can use energy alchemy to transform not only the energy—but the reality of our experiences. There is so much power in empathic intelligence that is yet to be discovered.

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