Empaths & The Psychic Cure to Terrorism in the World

I am going to tell you something that goes against everything you’ve heard about empaths, and what they ought to do with themselves. Yet I believe this is a message which will resonate within you, because your own inner voice, I’m suspecting, has already told you what I’m about say, controversial and taboo as it may be.

Empaths: let yourselves feel the pain of the world. Let yourselves feel its suffering. Let yourselves hurt with humanity. Be who you are. Do not shield yourself, do not create an “energy bubble,” and do not imagine the bubble in some particular color (like pink.) Do not hide. Allow me to explain.

There is no such thing as separation from pain, whether it be your own pain or someone else’s. There is only such thing as numbness. And there is no such thing, along these same lines, as separation from others, there is only such thing as numbness. Healing cannot take place without the conscious experience of pain. Healing can only take place in the absence of numbness. And the world needs healing now, more than ever.

Madness, violence and hatred are rushing through the veins of the world like a virus. Everywhere, there is the discovery of new terror. In every human being, there is the sense of hysteria, rising up through the body from the ground, and breaking into the mind like thieves in the night. We speak to each other rapidly about it, with heavy tongues. And we blink with horror as we observe it through our devices. We can feel it wrapping around our collective throat. The recent senseless killings of innocent black men, and the subsequent killings of innocent police officers in Texas, is followed into our troubled minds by the grim knowledge of how not open and shut, this horrible trend in America of terrorism, death and violence is. And however much we pretend to the contrary, none of the horrors and terrors and monsters in the world are. Each one has their story, and nearly every killer that we read about reveals in his bloody wake, a history of monsters in his mind or in his life or both that he knew, before he became one himself. And we can say he’s a monster (because after all, he is one) but we can never say his sickness is exclusive to him. We know others, even as we condemn him, are catching his disease from the womb, the cradle or the classroom, and there’s absolutely nothing, that we can tell, that is being done about it.


But what, if anything, is being done to it, if not about it? We consider these horrors, and these monsters, to be singular and alone in their execution. We react to them with outrageous disgust and sadness. Often, we react to them with obscene rage. And yes, these responses are all very real, very understandable of course—but what do they do, and what do they mean? What does it mean that everyone, particularly that empaths (which incidentally, nearly everyone is to some extent or another) feels the pain of these terrible events?

When we think about it, what our universal feelings in these moments, hours, days, weeks, etc., tell us, is that nothing is separate, and no one is separated. Not even, and perhaps least of all, the monsters. And we know this because of how the things that monsters do affect us. And the monsters know it too. Following this train of realization, it becomes quite clear, that just as we are individual human bodies and minds, we are also one collective human body and mind. Each individual is effected by the collective mind, much like each neuron is effected by the brain. And the collective mind is effected by each individual, just as the brain is effected by each neuron.

And this is where empathy becomes so important, and this is why empaths shouldn’t shield themselves—this is why this trend of spiritual advice, however good its intentions may be, is just paving on the road to hell. Shielding is a defense option, a necessity for warriors on the battlefield—it’s a behavior for fighting times, and peacefully executed or not, it is a way of constricting the soul and feeding the fight. No healing for the individual, or the world, can be had in the wake of “shielding.” To understand this, lets first consider how healing occurs on the individual level. At some point in every individual’s life, crisis begins to rage at them on behalf of all their demons. And I’m not speaking of crisis brought about by external circumstances, nor of crisis brought about by internal circumstances. I’m speaking of true crisis, which raises up like a perfect storm, born out of the relationship between internal and external. Now this is the only crisis there really is, because in the eternal gray area that is all of reality, there is no such thing as a true divide between external and internal. In other words, there is no such thing as an external influence devoid of an internal reaction to that influence, and vice versa. However, there is the illusion of this: that is that, for a while, it can appear as if all the pain is coming from the outside, or only happening on the outside, or similarly, that everything bad is coming from the inside, or only happening there. But at a certain point for everyone, the back and forth ping-pong of the pain ball accelerates to such a racing intensity that it becomes impossible to see which side of the table the ball is currently moving. It all becomes one glorious swish of madness, one strange strip of chaos. We feel the rapid rhythm between both sides of the execution as a single happening. This is when the unravelling occurs, and this is when the crisis begins to climax. In some circumstances, we refer to this climax as “rock bottom.” This is the moment wherein something has got to give. This is the moment where the great, rising rhythm of torture cracks, and suddenly releases, like rain from a black cloud, into a flow of healing. How does it happen? Empathy. Empathy is caused, and this will sound very strange—but it is caused, by the very intimacy that the constant traffic and conversation of pain between internal and external presents. That is, the tremendousness of painful experience causes everything to affect us more, and causes us to affect everything else more—of course all of this makes us generally more aware and sensitive. This is why many self-identified empaths have lead such difficult, often traumatic lives. This awareness, this sensitivity, brings us into contact with ourselves, and we in that moment see and feel that we are the internal and the external—but what’s more, we in that moment see and feel that we are pain itself. When we feel our pain, and we cease to hide from it, we break the shields, or rather we break through the illusion of shields.


The ego believes it can distance itself from pain with denial or rage or numbness or anger, and with its own propaganda and misinformation; but the soul knows only the quantum entanglement of all consciousness, and so it does not defend or deny pain, but rather, embraces it like a lover. When we live from the soul in this way, we allow the cool wash of the pain to roll gently over us, and swallow us whole. And in this moment of surrender, a funny thing happens—healing begins. This is because in the open air honesty of feeling what we really are, feeling our pain, we have escaped the ego and we have found the soul in its beingness. And in this freedom of beingness, we become who we really are—and we discover that who we are is love. This transformation does not typically happen all at once, but in the wake of enough pain for long enough, it always happens. Even if we die under such circumstances, death in and of itself is a release, and only serves as an alternate continuation of the healing process. Obviously, the real threat of death, whether physically obvious or not, lives and manifests itself eventually in the form of a kind of psychological death, which then reincarnates as psychological healing.

When we move into pain and then into love, we begin experiencing ourselves more compassionately, in the way of both internal and external. Eventually, there becomes an apparent conversation and exchange of love, between self and the world. Yet the most beautiful thing is, that unlike in the cases of hatred and pain, love does not circle back into the arms of its opposite—hatred—but instead, goes on its own way. And though life may present greater and greater obstacles, real love, and real faith, is never broken, even when it is weakened, and cannot be taken away. Real love can only be willfully surrendered—and rarely does this happen—though if it does, it can and will always be discovered again. Real love, which is the energy and embodiment of healing, moves on and throughout itself, deciding its own eternal course. And this is evolution. This is spiritual adaptation to the circumstances of pain that this life presents. The mind transforms itself until it no longer perceives, and therefore, no longer experiences, the pain it once did. Numbness has a similar effect, however the relief thus induced is always quickly replaced by pain due to the constricting, isolating and empty stimulus that is numbness.

Often, the kind of healing wisdom which I am describing here begins in our youth, but only takes root in older age, although this is not always the case. Whenever it does happen it becomes very obvious that it never mattered how long it took, only that it ever did happen. And it’s ok to still be on this path. No one is ever completely off of it, and there is no measurement to take or compare in this regard, as this path is of an abstract nature that is beyond our calculations. I am certainly still on this path, and although I struggle very much along it, and although I sometimes perceive that I am failing, and think I would like to give up, I never do. I know it belongs to each and every one of us. No one is denied this gift—we can only ever deny it to ourselves—and even that denial, is only an illusion.


This healing process that each of us journeys though is spiritual alchemy. When our hearts sink into blackness until it turns to light, and when our experiences transmute from agony to compassion, we have alchemized the psychic energy the comprises this existence. And as much as this happens on an individual level, it is occurring now on a collective level. Together, we compose the form of one greater human life, of a single human mind. And this collectively merged human, whom we are all apart of, and whose lifetime consist of human history and future, stands at the doorway now of her own healing, of his own spiritual revolution. This human being, this collective entity, is living in the high noon of her suffering. And this is why we all are finding it more and more difficult to ignore the pain around us. As virtual neurons in the collective brain, we are intrinsically connected to pain. And this is why numbness, created by “energy shielding,” and other such tactics advised and thrust upon those who feel, are so misguided. For every empath that shields herself, another neuron in the collective mind becomes numb and defensive to its own existence, and nothing in the way of healing is then accomplished. And to any empaths who have in the past taken this advice, you are not to blame. I myself have in the past taken this advice. It is necessary for all of us to go through a time wherein we neglect and deny the pain—and it is this temporary avoidance of our gift that eventually drives us to use it. Collectively, we went through a time, and are still in a time, where many empaths are in this stage of avoidance. But as many of us are beginning to feel, that time is drawing to a close. We now stand at the breaking point, and we overlook a vast darkness before the dawn.


Just as the course of pain will rapidly become more vivid and connected throughout an individual’s experience, as they edge closer to that darkness before the dawn, so we are now more connected together. When in the throes of crisis, everything within and around the individual will be more effected by everything else, and vice versa. Never before in history have we been this intimate towards one another—this connected, this close. Each and every one of us has more of an impact than ever before on everyone else. Technology is mainly responsible for this. You may not think it, but every word and thought that you express externally, whether or not you even use words to do so, is virtually destined to connect itself almost instantly, throughout the infinite framework of the collective consciousness. Even if you don’t express yourself online, the fat that you express yourself to anyone means that you influence them. And like a butterfly-effected-thought-domino, this influence will carry over into how this person you’ve expressed yourself to expresses themselves, which they are likely to do though media. And so then your influence on others is infinitely spread, in its own quantum way, across vast, immeasurable distances—forever, and constantly. It happens while you sleep and it happens still after you die. Every second of every day, your influence is felt across the world. Technology has spread the wings of the butterfly effect infinitely far, and so the butterfly now moves faster than a time traveler. We are living in an age where we presume ourselves to be more disempowered than ever, when the reality is, we have never been more powerful.

Empaths, this is why so many of you have incarnated into this era, now. You are the colonists of spiritual alchemy. You are meant to light this first fire. You feel it deeply in your soul, as it aches and throbs with the rhythms of the world’s pain. So do not listen to the ones who tell us to shield and protect ourselves—do not allow your power to be shut off. You are spiritual warriors, in a time where evil and hatred has come into prime and taken full force. It is time for a new cycle and a new age of healing to begin.

The only way that this can happen is if the collective human that we are, begins to feel her pain, as this pain will connect her to herself, and breed within her the alchemized energy of compassion and healing. This means each of us must let ourselves feel—feel everything—feel this life. Why hide from what we are? Why defend ourselves from feeling by armoring ourselves with rage towards these monsters of society, who only represent shadows within the collective human mind? This life is not for defending, it is for living—for feeling. Defending only feeds the monsters, while feeling starves them. Monsters revel and are born though our hatred of them. Monsters will suffocate and disperse from this reality, when we transform their very psychic consciousness by feeling and living through their pain, and the pain they cause. Because the living of pain—the brave bearing of it, is the true facing of the monster. This is spiritual alchemy.


Dear empaths, we are only at the beginning of all of this. Right now, the world is feeding the monsters. The killings of innocent police officers in Texas, and the killings of innocent black men throughout America, the mass shootings and other terroristic acts which in the past year alone have blanketed the headlines, ought to be evidence of this. But there is hope in this: for every piece of agony, and every shred of pain, there is awaiting us an equal measure of healing to be had. So empaths, let’s be brave and be who we really are. Let’s not be afraid, and let’s not believe that we are fragile as they say we are. As I write this, I feel in my belly the pain in the world today, and through that awareness, a vision of healing courses through me. Let it course through you. We are only just at the beginning. There will be more darkness before the dawn. Let’s use the power of the pain behind us, with us and before us to alchemize first our own consciousness, and then in so doing, the consciousness of the world. And this may seem too abstract of a thing to matter. Yet we know that all abstract and internal forces will be reflected and manifested externally, and vice versa. The discovery of true and lasting practical change and solution is always a product of the internal nurturing of love. Never forget this.

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About Alayna

Alayna is a psychic, a healer, an intuitive life coach, and an astrologer. Her life purpose is to help others grow, heal, and spiritually know themselves.

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  • RipleyReply

    Thank you for this very thought-provoking article. I felt the collective pain move through me while I was reading this.

  • EllenReply

    Hi Alayna
    I thank you first and foremost for speaking the truth. I am 65yrs young and back in the 70/80s for sensitives when you did show yourself (which was rare because you were ridiculed or laughed at) hiding our true selves was self preservation.
    I myself through my journey realised a while ago that truly embracing the feelings full on is the healing and the understanding of discovering what Empaths/Hsp’s are all about. I am certainly sharing this artcle you have written. Thank you once again. Peace and Love Ellen **

    • AlaynaReply

      Ellen thank you so much. Good for you for embracing who you really are, and breaking free! I am glad that we now live in a time where we suffer less persecution. Btw I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, it was hard to be myself!

  • Judi SnyderReply

    Love your writings! I hope you are writing a book. I have always had a hard time shielding like others taught me that was what i was supposed to do. I have always felt the need to feel what is going on around me since I was a small child. Shielding led to blocking things out wich lead to a lot of missed opportunities and misdunderstandings through out my life. I randomly(haha) ,right when i needed it the most, came across a blog you wrote on the same subject a while back and emediatly “knew” this is truth and with this you helped me finally realize it. signed up for your emails at that time. I am glad I did as this article was a reminder that I needed today. Thank you so much for putting this out.
    With love and appreciation, Judi S.

    • AlaynaReply

      Judi, thank you so much! I am so happy to hear that these articles have helped you. It sounds like you are a very strong empath, and a natural healer. I am writing a book on this, actually a few, and I’ve got about 100 more I’d like to write. Once I find a good publisher I’ll let you know it’s on its way 🙂 Thank you for being strong, keep on being you. ♡

  • Karen maryReply

    Every word rings true within me you are a clearly a sister and a seer.

  • Kelly EldredgeReply

    I am just learning I am a empath. Well that’s not really true I have been called different or weird (but in a good way) all my life. You just make me feel better, you bring the sun with you, you alleviate my pain ect. I am a healer and have always been pretty psychic. I just love so much and don’t understand hate or violence. It makes me ill. I just want to make it right for everyone. What ever that right is for them. People feel very calm around me. They say I can be exactly who I am with you. People have said they feel the energy shift when I walk in. I wish to bring healing to the world. I have been trying to raise my vibration. I found your blog and became excited. I look forward to reading more of your articles and insight into being a empath. Thank you for being you and shining your light. Namaste’. Kelly Eldredge

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