Does Empathy Lead to Psychic Abilities? Part II

In my previous post (Part I) we explored the nuts and bolts of how empathy and psychic ability are interrelated, and come together in a sort of outer level of awareness, which is the imagination. I promised a Part II of that post would shortly follow, in which we would move in the direction of applying this knowledge to actual psychic development.

First, I should say that it makes some sense to imagine that there is a difference between willful psychic interpretation and the psychic impressions that will just happen to you without you having asked for them (or at least without you having intentionally asked for them.) The difference of course is self-explanatory, but I just want to mention it briefly so it will be clear that what we are talking about here is willful psychic impressioning, which can easily cause or increase the event of an unwilled kind and vice versa.


Willful psychic impressioning is not just beneficial for the obvious reasons of gaining access to information you would not otherwise know. In fact, I’m not sure that I would ever say that is even the main benefit of it. Once I begin to explain how it is done, you will understand what I mean because you will begin to see and feel how it is really a matter of connecting into a framework of perceptual experience that is lush and grounding in nature. It transports you beyond the mundane organizing of everyday awareness, which is a self-monitoring and therefore somewhat boring perspective. That is, contrary to what one might initially think, the real observation of beingness is the everyday sort of activities; whereas, the sensual beingness occurs in these higher planes of sorting through energy and becoming one with that essence of ourselves that is not us, but all things connected. In the regular traffic of life we are always caught in this illusion of defining and labelling ourselves and everything around us. It is arguably a necessary way to be when we’re just operating on the material plane, but it is a constant task of separating ourselves from everything and everyone, including ourselves, because we must always be labeling and judging the stimuli. To give an example, we might be thinking to ourselves at some point while running an errand to the bank, I am going to the bank. And in this way, we’ve got to remind ourselves of what it is that we are doing, and consciously label that experience, in order to keep track of things. But in doing so, we don’t really become absorbed in the experience, because we’ve imposed expectations about how it will go and how we will go about it—in doing so, we’re limiting and filtering the potential to discover the moment, and to be absorbed by it. We’re checking something off of our list. It’s a duty, and because we have such a mindset that knows it is a duty, it will typically feel more like one than something we don’t think of as a duty. To put it in a few words, anything that is perceived as an obligation will be work and not play. And however necessary it is, this is a disconnecting way of life that is constantly thrust upon us. But what we may forget, or not always realize, is that we can get out of this. We can sometimes dive into moments we would have otherwise just considered to be obligatory and tedious, and discover that experience in a way that becomes fascinating. And of course there is a fine line (you don’t want to end up behaving like someone on psychedelics while you’re standing in line at the bank.) My point is, at the same time, you want to care a little less about your behavior—you want to lose a little bit of that labeling of your experience that we call “self-awareness” and that is, essentially, the ego’s way of keeping you away from being in this moment. You want to be, and not to behave, and this is what makes it all so interesting for you. And this is done by checking out of regular consciousness and checking in to psychic consciousness.


Intuition is a matter of willing yourself into an awareness and a sensitivity that you already possess. It’s being so distracted by all of the energy surrounding you that you become focused entirely through it. This connects you to everything in such a way that you become disconnected from your ideas about being separate. Here is a good way to start: allow yourself to feel absolutely everything around you. And doing this can be broken down into two very simple steps: 1) wondering what things around you feel like and then trying to feel them, without worrying at all about the logical possibilities of this and; 2) not bothering to tune anything out—letting yourself be totally absorbed by this world, by this universe, and all its discomforts and comforts, until these labels of experience that empaths feel (pain vs happiness) dissolve away their labels and become beingness. And you become that beingness. If we tune into just one stimuli, particularly a painful one, of course it is just painful, and so we’ll naturally shy away from our intuition. But if we let ourselves become one with the noise of everything, that begins to change; the sound of one faucet dripping is just irritating, but the sound of everything is intoxicating and delightful.

People who identify as empaths will likely find this particularly liberating, as empaths are often used to trying their hand at the constricting remedy of closing themselves off or shielding themselves for “protection.” This is because shielding our energy is a way of censoring psychic perception, and it therefore does nothing but filter our natural creative experience and divine perception. The more we let our guard down, and surrender to what we are, and the nature of our own sensitivity, the more we are able to experience oneness. And that oneness is simply the consciousness which you identify as you slipping into everything else; you then become everything else, because you begin to experience yourself as everything else. And this is because you allowed yourself to feel it, in the first place. I will tell you that I generally find it is much easier to do this outdoors, although it can be done anywhere. I think this is because when we are outdoors, whether that means the streets or the woods, we are in general given a sense of being more exposed to everything. When we are indoors, it is more common that we feel some sense of being farther away, or separated, and so the indoors present a minor obstacle to psychic consciousness. But that is a minor detail that can be overcome with just a little patience, if you can’t get outside for whatever reason.


Once you have gotten yourself even a little bit into that state of mind, any particular thing that your expend your focus towards will easily become apart of your own awareness. And this is because, at this point, you are empathizing, quite naturally, with the greater field of consciousness—of everything—and so anything becomes suddenly more accessible to your knowledge. The illusion of being a separate entity, and everything else around you being separate dismantles at this point, and you then experience this life not just as you, but as the sky, or the cat, or your friend. This is the limitlessness of empathic consciousness. It goes far beyond its usual definitions as being a condition that induces compassion for others and it becomes the condition of compassion in the alchemized form of emotional and spiritual connection to all things. Now, here is where the psychic aspect really comes into play…

Psychic ability is completely a matter of channeling. Channeling brings to mind for many people ideas of séances and chanting. However, channeling is really just the transportation of some piece of information from one place into another. So, the way channeling happens then, is through that connection between one level of consciousness (where the information initially exists) and another (where the information travels.) So the only real objective in psychic work is establishing that connection. This is why I focus upon empathic abilities: empathy is the beginning, the means, and the end to this connection. Empathy is as I said earlier, more than compassion—it is the sharing of someone or something’s awareness, into someone or something else’s awareness. In psychic work, what we want ultimately, is to hold our consciousness at a vibration that opens us up to all intelligence and information. There are chiefly two reasons for this: 1) We don’t know where the information we are searching for exists, and we therefore need all channels to be open so that wherever it is, we’ll find it and 2) If we are just attuned to specific things, we will feel depleted rather than fueled by those things, as empaths do when we inadvertently limit ourselves; if this happens, then we will not have the necessary power of the universal vibration that is required to perform satisfying psychic work. In order to be open to all intelligence, we have to empathize with everything—we have to be as one with everything. This requires the full and temporary release of our own will, in which we allow ourselves to start vibrating, mentally, with another rhythm that is beyond us. This is not as difficult as it may sound, and it will come naturally to empaths, with enough practice. It is at this point that we are inhabiting that plane of empathic consciousness from which all art, wisdom and spiritual information is derived—and this is the divine imagination. The next step in psychic work becomes the absolutely fascinating experience of consciously navigating your own way throughout this plane, with what will typically be a specific target in mind.


So let’s get to that point. Once you are in the right frame of mind (i.e., feeling as one with everything) you will notice a sense of calm and euphoria. This is because you are beginning to break out of your own individual consciousness and into the divine imagination, or what you might call the collective consciousness. Now, with your person or object of interest in mind, you can really get somewhere. First, I will tell you, that it really is all about the guts: the belly, is the center of your body, and your spiritual intelligence. Your brain, or mental awareness, will act like the fingers dialing the address into the GPS, with your belly being the actual GPS. So notice and allow your belly to be in that hollow, expanding feeling of calm as you connect to all things. By doing so, you are effectively turning on the GPS. Next, call into focus your target, and as you do so, you will find that you can pull the energy of your target into your belly. It may be good to begin with a target whom you can physically touch, to facilitate your awareness of the target. If this is not possible, an image, belonging, a birth date, or written/spoken name—something to give you a sense of the target. The next step, as mentioned, involves calling the actual energy of the target into your belly: all this really means is that you focus upon this idea of your target, and then see what feelings first present themselves in your belly. Observe your own vacuum of energy, and see what you begin to feel, sense and think. Let this feeling inhabit you as you attempt to interpret it.

Someone might say, in response to all of this, that it has got to be more complicated than that. And in a sense, it is, because a single blog post, or series of posts, cannot possibly explore the entire process we’re dealing with here. Yet on the other hand, it is not more complicated than that, because a single blog post can fairly outline the basic reaches of this most natural and profound element of intelligence at our disposal: empathy. We have this cultural perception that the supernatural abilities are either too fantastic and therefore unreal, or that they are some kind of completely amazing and special occurrence or “gift” that is only bestowed on a rare, few individuals. I know this, because sometimes people will treat me as if I am special because I am psychic. But the truth is that they are wrong, and I am not, and I am glad that I am not, because that really would mean that I am very alone. And thank God, I’m not alone. Psychic abilities are a natural facet of human spiritual intelligence, and it is an absolute fallacy that virtually anyone can’t potentially manifest them. The reason more of us don’t, is because we aren’t socialized to accept, let alone develop, our spiritual intelligences. The evolution of our society, particularly in recent times that are only just now at beginning of the end, has been on a patriarchal course of will, war and action that has focused purely on the rational, political and technological intelligences, to the exclusion of all others. But that is another topic for another time (which I will be getting to.)

At any rate, what I have shared with you here is at the very basis of how your psychic talents operate, and how you can begin to turn them on and work with them. Of course I could go further with this, and write future posts, or even books that further elaborate on how you can develop any supernatural ability, through the God given source of empathic intelligence. Some of these abilities include the art of manifestation, clairvoyance, and conversation with otherworldly beings. I also have a lot to say on the ethics of psychic work, and the humanness of it. I may write more of these posts in the future, depending mostly on whether or not I can gauge that people want to hear them.

For now, I hope you enjoy exploring your psychic side. Thank you for reading, empaths.

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  • EllenReply

    Alayna, I love your blogs. They are affirming and validate my experience. You speak directly to what I have experienced and slightly beyond it, giving me information to “grow” into. Thank you.

    • AlaynaReply

      Thank you so much Ellen for this kind and thoughtful comment. I am overjoyed to hear this from you. I hope my writing continues to serve as validation and encouragement for you along your path. Much love!

  • MariaReply

    Thanks so much for sharing Alayna. I’ve found what you have suggested here both incredibly interesting and helpful.

      • MariaReply

        I really think you are onto something important Alayna. I’ve reread this post several times. What you have suggested works. I think most of the time we shield ourselves off from other people and the environment around us so we don’t even know what we are capable of if we open ourselves up! Thanks so much for what you are doing.

  • Harry SylvaReply

    Thank you for this blog. It’s been very informative and helpful. I look forward to more on this topic.

  • RamReply

    Thank you so much Alyana. I will be honest, I have been indeed suppressing myself so much for the past years because it is hard for me to contain all the energy I am feeling (all of them are intense). I am sure I am not alone in this world with this kind of awareness but I just thought that its too much for me to handle. I am even unconsciously getting drained because I dont know how to properly use my ability and it scared me that I might just die. Reading your blog made me realize some things. I will try to not contain these energies anymore and be one with them. Thank you so much! I am hoping I can meet you one day.

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