Dear Empaths, You Are Energy Alchemists

Dear Empaths,

You are energy alchemists. Let me explain.

First, I would like to propose a radically different notion to you: you’re not fragile, and you don’t need to be protected. Yes, I am talking to you, empaths. This is probably different from what you’ve heard or read. I bet you’ve heard that you need to protect your energy, and avoid all kinds of people and situations because you’re just too sensitive.

As an empath, I have a question for my fellow empaths, and please forgive my language: what if that’s all bullshit? See, here’s the thing. Haven’t you ever wondered why we’re here? And by “we” I mean us sensitive people, who cry way more than we want to admit. Like, why do we have to go through all this, while we are here? Have you ever wondered that? Yeah, me too. And actually, I have received information about that, which I would like to share with you. Now, you can think I’m crazy if you like (God knows any empath worth her salt has been called that enough), but I am telling you, that I have been given some information about what we empaths are doing here and what spiritual purposes we serve in this world, why there are so many of us at this time, and why the absolute worst thing we can do is protect, or “shield” ourselves. Now, before you think I’m really batshit, let me clarify that this information that has been shared with me through a series of visions over a period of time, is, as I understand it, available to all of us. I would highly doubt that I am the only one who has received this information. And I would actually go so far as to say that empaths everywhere have in fact, received it, even if they don’t realize it. And I would go so far as to predict that empaths will identify and “get” this message, for that very reason.

But I digress—the point of this blog is not to explain how I got this information. The point of this blog is to share it. I wanted to tell you that, so that you would understand that what I am about to share with you is not precisely a formation from my own experience and thinking, but is rather what I believe to be a product of data channeled from some other dimension. Yes, I just said “channeled from some other dimension.” Yes, you can still call me crazy. But without further ado, let me now get to the point.


Energy Alchemy: the Purpose of Being an Empath?

summerfield-336672_1920 (1)

Empaths have always been brought into the world, throughout human history, in order to do one thing mainly, and that is transform emotional energy. Empaths are energy alchemists. While in recent times we have popularized our understanding of empaths through the notion that empaths are nothing more than extreme sensitives who must protect themselves from sensing too much, what I have been shown is that empaths are in fact supposed to sense. This is because, contrary to popular belief, empaths are not mere sponges purported to randomly absorb whatever feelings. This is because the universe in which we exist is not random. It’s true that from the small view, here in the concrete and physical dimension, everything, including the condition of being an empath, takes on the appearance of random chaos. But from the wider scope, a pattern emerges—the order creeps magnificently over the chaos, and every twisted, strange piece that seemed haphazardly flung from our microscopic view, is expressly placed from the macroscopic view.

So while it often seems we are just tossed into situations where we meaninglessly absorb emotions that then needlessly throw us off, in the big picture, there is a reason for it all. And this reason is a part of one big, quantum pattern. Now, frankly, anything that becomes quantum is going to escape the grip of our rational minds, and so we won’t always know the specific reason. But we can know the general reason. And the general reason is that empaths are anything but delicate or fragile. Empaths are intensely sensitive beings—and all intensely sensitive beings, contrary to societal depiction, are intensely strong. Empaths are spiritual warriors, and as I mentioned, energy alchemists. Empaths are here to transmute and transform the energy they absorb. Empaths do far more than merely absorb. Absorption is only the first step in what we do. Empaths are made to move that which is in negative form, to divine form—to shift that which is dark to light. In other words, we empaths are sort of like the spiritual trees of the human world, purifying the dirty air so that all creatures can go on living and breathing.


Now, just because empaths are intended to transmute negative into positive, does not mean this is what we do with our gifts. First of all, we have free will, so we don’t have to do “as intended.” But second of all, it is often the case that we just really don’t know our own power. Not only does the world generally prey on sensitive people (because there are many who secretly fear our strength), but we are told over and over that as empaths, we’re vulnerable little sponges who need to hide ourselves. And so what we end up doing is either constantly battling our gifts and trying to suppress our sensitivity (which is a bit like trying to put out a fire on the sun), or we end up using our transmutation powers the wrong way. In this latter case, we end up twisting energy around inside of us, without necessarily transforming it for better, and in some cases transforming it for worse. This is sometimes done intentionally but in the vast majority of cases, it is done simply out of blind frustration.

The bottom line is we empaths have been discouraged from the knowledge of our true power. But we are not intended to be kept in the dark. Many of us are beginning to embrace our empathic abilities for what they are, and many more will follow. And this brings me to the reason why empaths are more prevalent than ever: empaths are intended to lead us into the Age of Aquarius. Now this last point involves some rather detailed imagery and information, and so it will have to wait for an upcoming blog.

In my next blog, I will discuss in detail how you can hone your abilities as an empath to transform and transmute energy, and become the powerful emotional energy alchemist that you were meant to be. Being able to do this will free you from the familiar trappings of being an empath without putting you in the awkward and impossible situation of having to walk around constantly suppressing and shielding your sensitivity. Instead, you will be able to let it all hang out, as they say.

Until my next blog, which should be coming up shortly in the new year, have a beautiful rest of your December.


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Alayna is a psychic, a healer, an intuitive life coach, and an astrologer. Her life purpose is to help others grow, heal, and spiritually know themselves.

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  • Muse MagdaleneReply

    I have been saying and doing a similar thing! To pull (not absorb as absorbing is what we do when we do not embrace this gift) emotions from others and transmute it up to Source through our own systems. I’m a consent being and it is HUGELY affirming and key to ask if the person is feeling what you feel they are. Then ask them “would you like me to take that away for you.” Or “are you ready to release this?” Consent is key to developing a safe relationship with the individual we are helping and also to generate that sense about empaths in the collective.

    • AlaynaReply

      Very well said Muse Magdalene! I’ve found it can help open up the pathways to move energy when we verbally acknowledge it to another human being.

  • Sola StormReply

    Yes I recently said to myself why am I hiding I am no less able to act than any other. New thoughts are sprouting and many old repetitive thoughts have vanished⚛ I felt a huge personal shift about 4-5 days ago an emotional out of body downloaf🦄🔮 Cheers and gratis.

    • AlaynaReply

      “An emotional out of body download” I love the way you put that! Congratulations on your breakthrough Sola Storm <3

  • AbigailReply

    Thank you Alayna, beautiful message… I’m also in a similar line of work and beginning to do something very similar (and call myself an energy alchemist) so your words jumped right out at me!!! Love your attitude!! 😘🔮

  • MelissaReply

    I’ve always thought, “What if I am helping someone by taking a piece of their suffering away? If I could know their whole story and then make a choice to help, would I? Of course I would! So maybe this random sadness is someone else’s sadness. And it becomes easier to bear when I take a step back and remember that at some point, I agreed to this. I agreed to help. And so I am. Without or without a story or a reason.” Your post confirms this thought completely. Just in different words. Thank you.

    • AlaynaReply

      “And it becomes easier to bear when I take a step back and remember that at some point, I agreed to this. I agreed to help. And so I am.” Wise words! And if I may add something, you agreed to it because you knew you could do this. Thank you for your comment Melissa. I’m happy this post gives you confirmation.

  • KimReply

    When I was in my early twenties my friend said to me, “You cannot carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders.” Nothing had changed in that regard. I am an Empath and always have been. I don’t watch the news. I stay away from negative people. I meditate on love and peace because I believe my thoughts and intentions can make a difference. I’m almost 50 and am coming into the acceptance and ownership of my gifts. Empaths unite!

    • AlaynaReply

      Kim, thank you for your contribution to love and peace in this world. I’m glad you know that your thoughts and intentions do make a difference, that you do make a difference. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sylvia RamsayReply

    Totally agree! Yesterday, I have kind of a mental breakdown because of my son, but now, I’m back on my feet! 🙂

  • PatriceReply

    A very empowering perspective on empathy. Looking forward to learning more.

  • MeghaReply

    Beautiful! I work in Healthcare. And with babies, the small fragile ones. As an empath I have therefore Had to learn what you describe. And now that aim getting good at the alchemy, I find I’m changing the lives of whoever comes in touch with me. Without conscious effort. The key for me is to sideline the small “me” and make room for the vast influx of light I’m capable of channeling

    • AlaynaReply

      Megha thank you for using your healing gifts to help others in this world. Your life is a gift to others. I can sense in your words how far you’ve come in learning how to move and shift with the energy-rhythms. Thank you for sharing.

  • LaurenReply

    I received this same info a few years ago. Glad to hear somebody else understands.

  • DebonaireReply

    Thank you………. I call myself a chimney… I seem to process the energy and release it by burping.. 🙂 and crying WITH them….
    I attend mediumship events (my friend is the Medium) and I end up burping through the whole thing.. I don’t hold onto anything… it just passes through and is cleaned. It seems to help maintain a clean environment for the medium to work in… I believe that I am protected at ALL times….. and I am…
    You have just confirmed my thoughts on what I do… yahoooooooooo

    • AlaynaReply

      Debonaire, thank you so much for sharing. I am so glad to have validated you. Keep on doing what you do. Blessings,

  • IoanaReply

    Yes! I’ve got that message too from some other dimension… Thank you! ❤️

  • Taz ParkesReply

    Thank you for sharing. I have been an energy exchanger all my life and not known what it was. I am an empath and am learning how to use my gifts to help others. I never felt right when I was told to shield myself. For part of my gift is to take away some of what hurts others. And to share some of my energy in exchange. That may not make sense, since I have not been trained in anything. I just am.

    • AlaynaReply

      Training can help but we do not need it to use our gifts. As you have found, your own Spirit can and will guide you. Thank you for being you, and for being true to who you are.

  • juliecaReply

    thank you so much for that…this was the first article on empathy that really helped me…it finally said what empathy is good for…i have experienced panic attacks over the past two months…which is not at all like ´me´….and i have searched the internet and youtube for hours…but all i could find were, as you wrote, guidelines on how to shield and protect myself from others´ ´bad stuff´….i am a warrior, though, as you worded it too, and i do not want to go around in fear….ever scared of whether behind the next corner stands an anxious person whose energy will make me freak out beyond my control….i want to know what my power can do…why i have it…and your expression ´energy alchemist´ totally rang a bell in my subconscious/unconscious…that´s simply the expression i was looking for!….when reading this, i immediately felt calmer…felt like ´me´ again…and my inner voice said: “Fortunately you didn´t give up searching….fortunately now you´ve found the answer…the solution….” From now on, i will no longer be scared when i go out…coz i know that if i should feel anxious again, i will take a deep breath, suck it all in and then either transform it into love (or whatever i want), or just breathe it downwards my feet and into the ground….! thank you so much from my heart!!!!

    • AlaynaReply

      Wow Julie, I can feel your power through your words. Incredible. I’m so glad you found me! Thank you for sharing! I love how you said you can now suck it all up and turn it into love or whatever you want. Exactly!

  • Tom DReply

    thank you for your blog… i just learned that i am an empath only last night and am now diving in to learn more about what and who i am. i feel excited and relieved to know why i have become so emotionally sensitive, particularly in the years since i became a father [14], truly an emotional awakening for me, and even more so since my father passed away 3 1/2 years ago. frankly, i have thought it was my father’s death that ultimately broke my heart and caused me to lose virtually all of my stoicism, but in my journey that only started less than 24 hours ago, and after taking two tests to measure my empath quotient, i am suddenly aware that i have very high empath scores. as i stated already, i am relieved to know the reason[s] for why i am the way that i am, but am now searching for what to do with my new found knowledge. aside from just subscribing to your blog, what else can i do to get things in my life back under control? are their people/professional counselors to help newly awakened empaths like myself? sincerely, tom

  • SamReply

    Thank you. I’ve been rejecting myself for way too long. I’ve been running from the chaos I both experience and evoke.
    Like you I have received all that you speak of. No longer will I feel alone. It is time.
    Peace and love to all.

  • SnoweReply

    Thank you for this blog! Where is the next one you mentioned you would write? I cannot find it. Thanks.

  • Terra BauerReply

    where would I find the blog about what to do with the energy you are saying we shouldn’t block? If I don’t ground and “protect” myself in big crowds or around certain people I am completley over whelmed with their energy and either have to leave where I am or end up having a panic attack.

    • AlaynaReply


      I understand how overwhelming negative energy can be. I am sharing the message that empaths (humans period) are not intended to be mere sponges. We are here to transmute and alchemize negative spiritual energy through the neutralizing process of emphasizing with a higher, universal vibration. If we don’t concentrate on doing this we will just absorb single doses of the “clingiest” types of energies, generally experienced as negative. The blog posts which proceeds this one can be found here
      All of my posts, each of which uniquely elaborates upon this concept can be found here
      Thank you for your excellent question.

  • EvelyneReply

    Thank you Alayna ♡☆♡ I have only learned the term empath this year and yes it further solidified my life purpose-to generate as much love with the aim to make a positive difference to the universal brotherhood of man/ human conscienceness. Thank you for your blog. Not crazy at all for us. I enjoyed every ones comments & they have helped me immensely. With much gratitude, Evelyne ♡

  • EnkayReply

    I am an Empath suffering for the last many years. I am always depressed for no reason and always feeling low and fatigued. Now I have reached to the point that even if I sit next to some stranger and he/she is sad , my tears start rolling and I get so embarrassed. I searched all the solutions but all I found out was that I am something touch me not soul and I should stay away from all people. Just today after reading your article I have felt a ray of hope. In fact I am feeling so energetic though till last night I was in so much depression. I was doing a lot of meditation for grounding and shielding as I was told to do . But they were making me more depressed. I am feeling something very good and relaxed in me right now after reading your article. I am looking forward for more light from you. Lots of love to you.

  • NoraReply

    I enjoyed your article. It is helpful to have some
    language to describe what I am going through. I would love to learn more about how to work with the intense energy one feels as an empath. I find meditating very helpful, especailly tonglen. Do you recommend any books or practices to help transform or alchemize energy? Thanks!

  • ChrisReply

    Blessings to you for sharing this information that I read for the first time today and since only yesterday I confirmed to self that I can now manage this empathic alchemy as you so wonderfully have explained. The reason why I was searching and found your blog just now. I visited family over the holidays after a 9 month absence and felt emotional chaos and low energy within 24 hours of arriving home. Although the visit, I thought, went well. Of the loved ones visited, two have cancer, one has dementia, another’s stress level was at a peak – those are the top concerns. Several others simply non aware of being on a path of any kind. Since my return home, two of the individuals have indicated their well being has shifted for the better while I was a basket case of emotions and wondering where I was deficient. I decided to take the past three afternoons off and on the second day I headed for the beach where I made a determined effort to release all the energy (that did not serve me) into the universe and turn it into love. It worked immediately and I am so very humbled and grateful that I may now work with this energy in a new light for the greater good of all including self Your article just confirmed this for me. Sincere Blessings

  • HilaireReply

    Wow, only one other empath I know has said almost these same words. All the shielding, etc that others insisted necessary has always felt wrong. Even before she began teach me, and I am still much a beginner, I intuitively used my gifts to help people. If all you do is walk around shielded, what’s the point?
    If I have a skill, it seems a waste not to use.
    I am so glad that I stumbled on this page. 🙂

  • KristenReply

    I came across your post just now. It came to me in a dream last night that I needed to research how to be an empath healer. Your words are informative and inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • KatReply

    I think we all need to meet up. In Times Square I cannot do it alone. ;). I choose to avoid places like that because my skills aren’t able to manage that. How would you describe this process say to someone who doesn’t hold these gifts?

  • Pisces33Reply

    Thank you so much. I just typed “empath healer” into google and found this blog post. Everything you said here makes so much sense to me. I think this is going to change my whole lifestyle. You rock.

  • D.C. ROMANReply

    I’ve been told through out my life that I am am empath, more specifically a healer. I never gave much Credence to the strange revalations, I thought sin e I am a male I could not Possibly have these abilities I’ve been told I possess. Does the fact that I am a male come with a “glass ceiling” as it were as I open my mind and begin to explore the true nature of this Always Blessed curse,as I have come to know it?

  • TrudyReply

    Omg..I’m glad I read this…no accident or by chance…nothing is….I’ve been flying free & fully open for 2years. What a magnificent journey to the strangest of soul places…I’ve been thru it all & let it happen ..trusting in some devine higher power to waft slam & throw me into all of the experiences given….omg I am powerful & yet so humble…I have a beautiful story of what its truely like to be an energy alchemist…& I’m a vessel for who the hek knows what reason sometimes I ask…but it always reveals itself..if u let it….I just wish sometimes I was funded for such hard work lol

  • Rachel TrautweinReply

    I have been playing a lot with Access Consciousness, and learning many tools to help me. ‘Return to sender’ never quite does it for me, and this concept of our power to transmute energy is new. Thank you for your blog! What if this power is what we were born for? I’ve also heard it’s quite rare, even among empaths. Please tell me more!

  • Astra SbizzirriReply

    Well….Hallelujah…Thank you Alayna. Myself and my son are Empaths. Its refreshing to read an article about Empaths that actually 100% resonates with me.
    Everything you have said makes sense and while I reflect on my life and how people are with me….this is correct…that as empaths we absorb energy to transmute it, ENERGY ALCHEMY is the perfect way to describe what we do.
    I used to get sick a lot as a kid but throughout adult hood and at 44 yrs old I’ve never been stronger or fitter, my body has always been naturally strong….and I look 15 years younger (so people tell me all the time when they find out my actual age) .
    I am very good at “letting go” of anything I don’t need so I can move forward eg: fear… son when he was very little also used to get sick a lot….but as a teenager he has grown out of that.
    I have had so many people, younger and older often say to me…”I don’t know why I’m telling you this” …or….I’ve only just met you, but I feel like I can trust you”….(this happens to me all the time throughout my life). I also have people want to talk to me when they are feeling down, angry or depressed and after a good conversation they always report having been lifted and feeling much better. As a child, I remember crying a lot over animals in movies or if I knew of any animals being mistreated. I don’t watch TV anymore, especially the news and haven’t done for approx 6 months, I meditate, study or read.
    When I was growing up there was no literature around in books or magazines about Empaths and no internet either until I was around 17 yrs old. I’m in the healing arts and being an Empath enables me to tune into my client almost immediately. Past intimate relationships, I would always mirror my partners moods eg: sad, angry, happy etc….People constantly say to me….”You just glow” …”Your an inspiration” (this one I get consistently)….”You have a beautiful aura”…”Your so strong”…”You have such a big heart” and so on…. While reading your article…Something popped into my mind that I haven’t thought of or practiced in years…since I was a child and teenager. I used to be able to shift my awareness into another person while they were talking to me, I was seeing me through their eyes…it used to trip me out a bit and would happen randomly. I also used to do it with the TV, shift my awareness into the tv and the program I’d be watching (if that makes sense) !!
    Thank you for your article and keep them coming…I love the way you write…with humor and wit. Bless….
    With Gratitude
    Astra 🙂

    • HReply

      Incredible. I need to do this rather than absorb.

      I’ve always had to avoid people who were ill and help them heal from far away due to absorption. I struggle with “letting go”.

      When I tried to visit a friend who was dying, I stood outside his room and did not go in because he was resting.

      I went home and literally thought I was dying for three days straight. The suffering was immense.

      I’ve taken on people’s emotional, physical and other types of pain intentionally and accidentally.

      This article opened my eyes.
      I’m so grateful.

      Knowledge is power and powerful and the more I learn from people, the stronger I’ll be and the greater difference I’ll make.

      Unfortunately, I’m only starting to work on boundaries and often get mistreated.

      I will heed what you all are saying to rebuild.

      I agree. Let’s start using what the other person said, empaths unite as #empathsunite .

      (Note: We do need to be aware of people who have ill intentions. I can see them now and we must protect ourselves and each other.)

      My partner and others share this gift and I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and am learning from all you.

  • Alexandria FavreauReply

    I just Googled about Empaths transmitting negative to positive energy and your article came up! I was looking it up to see if anyone else had similar experiences to myself. I seem to absorb everything and have been told my whole life that it’s bad. I have no shields or it’s like Swiss cheese. When I’m around very unbalanced ppl I FEEL it! Sometimes it takes me a couple days to rebalance depending on how badly they are and how many they are….Wellness gatherings can be the worse for me. Too many ppl in a waiting room to be healed can drain me after a couple hours! I have to leave, stand in the sun, or recoup for a whole day or 2!
    But when I do a clearing or a healing one-on-one they are amazing! I know I’m absorbing and transmuting the energies but it’s not that bad…i don’t feel the affect as much or at all.
    Thank you so much for your article. I’ve always felt like FIRE! Most ppl look at me and see a fairy. One of my friends calls me a Fire Fairy lol Now I know that with gift I can be vulnerable without being weak…Our inner strength is a force like no other. THANK YOU 😄

  • LouAnneReply

    Will be glad to read more and absorb words and thoughts. You touched on my understanding of myself and how this all plays out. I have just gone into quiet mode being in an empathic connection that I feel is flowing both ways but there is a block…
    I wrote in a poem a line that says:
    I can’t let it be, what I can’t see, but for the footprints on my memory.
    I’ve signed up for your emails. Good to meet you.

  • LucyReply

    I don’t think you’re insane. Not on drop!! TY for the information dear sister. It’s greatly appreciated and I will share with my fellow empaths as well. Again TY.

  • Kap NelsonReply

    -like the energies the are repeated through out the cosmos, the “Torus” is how you can imagine all energies that make up matter, through the “empathic sense” , one has the ability to create….

  • JReply

    This is going to be a long comment … as I have a lot to say about this post.

    Alanya, thank you for writing this, this struck a cord with me in two ways, it was very powerful and yet very disturbing. I think the word protection needs greater clarification, especially for those who are new to exploring their intuition.

    Being empathic is a gift, which we are often scared and afraid of in the beginning. It is so unknown and it truly rattles our world. I don’t feel like I have ever been told to hide or shun myself from society. It has been my own mind that has created limitations and boundaries for myself. I, have felt, with lack of courage and experience, wanting to avoid large public events or anything with a lot of energetic movement. With lack of self awareness in the beginning, I noticed without properly grounding and protecting myself, I was taking on a lot of energetic shit that was not mine. Instead of letting it flow through me, it was being absorbed into me. This is unhealthy for any practitioner.

    To me, protection = power. Protection does not = hiding.

    You are not protecting yourself by hiding… that I see as sheltering. Protection to me is very different. It is a source of strength that grounds and roots me to the earth. When we know how to ground ourselves and connect ourselves to this earth and the spirits that guide us, that in of itself is a form of strength and power.

    For those who are just starting to explore their power with connecting to the divine wisdom, know that its okay to ask for help and guidance. When entering this divine territory, which is incredibly expansive and unbelievably healing, you must ground and protect yourself prior to entering into that space. It is the very basis to allowing our insights to flow through without restriction or hesitation.

    Protection does not block us from having insights … it enhances the experience.

    When I am working with clients, I feel my feet strongly rooted into the earth, and before entering into a clients energetic field I ask only for information that is in both of our highest and best interest. I feel the wave of protection cover me and then I proceed. This to me, is so very very very important. At any point in time during the treatment, I feel like I have lost grip with the earth, I call back in for more protection … and when it’s there … I proceed.

    Going out into the world, not asking for protection, I think is completely ridiculous and really unhealthy. Protecting ourselves does not mean we are blocking energies or experiences, it means simply we are asking for those energies not to become part of us … or absorbed into us. Which, when they are absorbed versus channeled like a funnel, we take on others energies and become ill. Which empaths are very susceptible to.

    Yes, I agree, empaths, do not go hiding from your divine knowledge and intuition. Stand strong, learn and explore … and by all means, ask for protection during this process. Call upon your spirits and guides to ask for only information that serves you and your clients highest and best interests. I think that when you are new and you are just starting to explore the connections, it can get very overwhelming. Talk to others who are like minded so you don’t think you are a freak or lunatic … because you are not…. do not hide from who you are!

    Yes, we are spiritual warriors, I feel that deeply in my soul, but we should not for one minute think we should go out in society “unprotected.” Protection does not block us from feeling or having insight, protection enhances this ability. When I put on my shield of protection, I feel this incredible white light permeating my entire being. At that point I know I am ready to enter the spiritual world … and witness and experience and face all the energies that may come at me.

    It is enough for us to work through our own bullshit, self healing and realization … and then to add on others energies to sloth off…. no thank you. I will stick to asking for protection each and every day. It only continues to make me feel stronger in who I am by doing this.


  • VictoriaReply

    Yesterday I learned what an Empath was. Wondering why I feel so much and seem to know things others are blind to. I wanted it to stop. Visions and dreams I feel separated from life itself. Like all our energy who we are is a cup of water taken from the ocean and we are here as just a fragment of the energy that we return to and we wont know why until we return. Also, light and dark since I can remember. Crows and shadows chasing me. Reoccuring waking vivid dream I am a young med student who gave up everything to get the best grades and make my parents proud no friends or dances or childhood just pressure. And before graduation car accident over bridge and the moment I regain consciousness I’m paralyzed shoulder high in water sinking. Pure rage and agony at never getting to live ripples out of my center and I decide I will not let go I am not letting go of me. and she does not return to the ocean we all are to return to. And I try to help her I try to push back with soothing images of her parents laughing and her riding a bike but then I don’t feel her anymore like she sucks it all in and vanishes. She doesn’t want to go her resentment is what she clings to… And I feel so anxious like this needs to stop… I’ve felt more since then some older and far darker. Johanna a beautiful girl died young after her mother a slave died in childbirth she had no one and was paraded and used as a toy shared with friends. She killed them though and when her own stab wounds from the struggle took her life at the same time she was happy and defiant and felt in control for the first time she would not let go and she would not return to the ocean and now she is powerful. She posessed me. I was in the ER then a detox for 3 days because they didnt know what to do. I never mention it im scared now she is waiting for an opening acknowledging her impact might give. Johanna told secrets she said more are staying then returning the borrowed energy to the great energy ball (ocean) she said she picked me because I could possibly shift many to returning and she wanted to shatter me. See now I have to hide because I am full of shame to my family she said horrid things to my grandparents and my sister and at any hint im being intuitive my nana who raised me gets scared and tears up. Johanna won until today…today I will remember how I love to soothe I can feel it in the earth the smells the feel the color and pull from it and push that aloe vera feeling onto those around me. The half dead cat I cant get to come to me hiding in my garage has begun eating again and moving despite it being -18 out. He will heal and be rescued tomorrow or be soothed in death but I will not feel or fear anymore those who couldn’t let go of who they were. I will help them… Please help me if you are like me i always feel so alone and emotional and wrongly judged…

  • MeghanReply

    I was just introduced to the thought that I was an energy empath by my therapist and to be honest it really fits. I survived stage 5 cancer at the age of 3 and all my life I felt different. Even now I thought “I’m just too sensitive.” But I truly believe I am and empath. It explains a lot and I hope now that I know I can really focus on using it for its intended reason.

  • GennyReply

    I am an empath that has been married to a narcissist for 34 yrs. married at 18. Had first child at 28 and second child at 31.

    Didn’t know what an empath was or a narcissist until I was 40. I am now 52 and stayed with my narcissists husband until my kids were grown. Was able to leave in the same house with him but sheild myself. He was then unable to suck my good energy out of me and I blocked his negative energy to the best of my ability.
    Which felt way better than previous years. Now that he is gone it feels even better. 😀
    LOL. My daughter growing up had her own struggles but I clearly remember her asking me if she could hold my hand and get some of my good vibes!! And her saying it doesn’t feel that way when I hold dads hand.
    Myers Briggs for me is INFJ. I completely feel like an old soul and have been able to sense peoples feelings, when people are lying, hurting and what they are thinking and what they are going to say next. I guess it is somewhat semantics protecting vs releasing negative energy. Meditating, taking a break alone outdoors etc…whatever works for you.
    I will say from years of experience it is a Bad idea to have people as close friends or a spouse that continually suck the life out of you. This keeps you from being useful to others. I signed up for your blog and look forward to reading it. Totally agree it is a gift that is meant to be used. But we must learn to get rid of the negative energies that come our way. I am still learning to not neglect doing this. Thanks for all the helpful information!

    • KatrinaReply

      I too was married to a narcissist, sociopath for 19 years. I can truly relate to how drained you must have felt.. in my experience I couldn’t keep my true self or my flame of light and love glowing.. he was always blocking it out in many different ways… it was like being in prison

  • JulieReply

    I have a question for the group here, I have always known I was an empath, I am also a Reiki Master and Massage therapist. After 15 yrs of a successful career, I developed RA. Frustrated, by this I went to work doing things other then Healing. I have been ill with horrendous things since then. I know the universe is telling me to go back to my healing routes, and was told By Carol Rittinger, that im meant to be doing what she does, along the lines of diagnostics. Can someone please tell me how to get past being ill so I can do the work im meant to do? I truly want to help the world.


  • CindyReply

    8m a highly sensitive intuitive empathic old soul and I so resonate with these beliefs

  • Jason SofroniouReply

    I don’t really know where to start. I’ve always been a very emotional person, extremely in tune with my feelings. People have always gravitated towards me. People I hardly know open up to me. I’ve recently met someone who awakened me spiritually. I’ve discovered that certain things that I have been feeling my entire life were not what I thought they were. I am able to feel my own energy and move it around my body. I’ve done this since a teenager. I’ve never really understood what I was doing. I’m 46 years old. I’ve never been ill. Colds, coughs nothing! I’m the youngest of 5 Brothers and yet they all constantly get ill. Sciatica, gout and constant general aches and pains. I’ve never even been to the dentist, well not since a young child anyway.
    I feel other’s energies whether positive or negative but I can deal with it. I can easily release negative energy.
    I wondered whether you could offer me any advice please?

  • EmReply

    Hey. I’d like to thank you for your very interesting text. As you say, it’s not just about receiving energy, but to make something out of it. Now… I might have become something other than a healer, but that being said, I try not to harm others. Like you’ve pointed out, sometimes we use our gifts in other ways than intended. 🙂

  • WarriorReply

    Totally agree! Just came to this same conclusion on my own. So nice to see this here. Thank you, warrior. Salute.

  • CollinReply

    I took off my crystal a few weeks ago, I feel more powerful and enlightened than ever. I agree with you, I’m not going to try to keep my gift at bay anymore💥

  • vmariewilsonReply

    I have been called a ‘healer’.. as I tend to help those that are suffering emotionally, physically in their lives. There are some suicidal, no food in their home feeling destitute, going through a divorce, etc. They seem to approach me and ask silently for help. With all that I am, I can feel their pain, etc and I am there whenever and however they need my help. I have walked away exhausted and crying. Only to return the next day, sometimes this may go on for a year! Then one day, it’s like they blossomed, they became a whole person, happy, ready to move on with their lives feeling they can now go forward. Of course, I am happy to see this, but it seems our ‘friendship’ is no longer important. I am aware of this now and have to take that time to get my inner self back into itself. Those people always come back and tell me “thank you for helping me through my difficult time”. I attract them all the time, and this last year, I try to stand back a little more and not open up so much. I think I am evaluating how much they really need me in their lives, and if I can really help them.
    Just recently our town, Redding, California has been on fire. So many family and friends have been displaced, people I do not know and I have seen and heard so many of their stories… I found my heart breaking and I fell apart at work. I had to leave, my daughter removed me from my home as well, took me to hers out of this element. I didn’t go into work the following day. In essence have been away for just a couple days, then went back to work. I feel like I have a new life inside of me. The stress, the pain, and anxiety that totally engulfed me were gone! Someone at work, told me when they met me, they felt I was a special person, helped others without question, and without hesitation.
    If I can be of help, I do. But this last time, I just didn’t know how to NOT let it take over me, I cried so much, my heart was literally breaking, I had a hard time breathing.. the whole thing was hard… but the time away helped me.
    Does anyone else or has felt like this?
    Reading your article helped me to understand more, time away is important. Thank you

  • AdrianaReply

    Good day all empath’s since I was a little girl I have the ability to know what to do when human ore animal are sick, once a saved a duck that was bitten bay a snake, my familie was so amazed that for years afterwards they will tell the story how I have saved this duck, when I whas a teenager, I realized that I can send warm energy through my hands and it will lessen pain, I have heald wounds that not even doctors couldn’t heal, I have learned if you let your energy build up inside you it will cause you a big headache, and body will pain.

  • TabithaReply

    I have a question….if as an empath you tend to read one person’s energy more than anyone elses…what does that mean? Also what you’ve said makes a lot of sense.

  • AlejandroReply

    Your message rings with such clarity for me right now. Im an empath and have now decided to really take hold of my life and understand why I am here and what to do with this. I actually signed up for Dr. Orloff’s support site and initially it felt great, but then it soured because literally all that is there and alllowed are basic complaints about day to day things and discussing the empath survival guide. Yet the more i said survival guide the more it gnawed at me. Finally it clicked when I saw the movie Venom.

    Venom resonates with me because of the negative energy within me. It resonates with me because it is something not truly understood from another universe. Somehow that made more sense to me than the empath survival guide. The guide just teaches you to hide and be a coward. I feel deep inside of me we are meant for so much more and with this unknown ability, just like Venom, we can do great things and with our free will we need to determine what that something is. I work in a call center in the escalation department and though I have to sit and absorb those negative feelings, damn does it feel great when I do my job well and completely turn that customers terrible day into a great one. Much love everyone and thank you for letting me express myself.

  • LukeReply

    Im empathic and trying to learn about healing. I can feel emotions from others dead and alive. I shut it off alot of time because of my job and I do not have the time to hear everyone life story. I go inside peoples houses all day. Is there a way to not block as this also leaves me drained by the end of the day? Any healing techniques would be appreciated also. Thanks

  • Amber WetzelReply

    This is exactly where i am at..when i am in the midst of “transmuting”..i listen to the universe..i feel powerful..but yet humble…i have been blessed to see souls have a tear drops from their eyes..and a look of undeniable..relief..and confused but thank ful utter joy..
    About a yr ago i have been realizing not everyone can do..what is built in me..a knowing of so many things..
    But honestly..i need some personal i can embrace my calling..the pain is so paralyzes me..into thinking i am a victim..i do not know..what to do..
    If anyone would like to talk personally…i would be very grateful
    Thank u for this waiting for more..much love😇😇💯💙

  • NicoleenReply

    I got this exact same message today. We are trees cleaning up the poison in the world. I searched do empaths get messages and read this blog post. Thank you

  • EmpathReply

    Hello, I read the same thing in the book “The Everyday Empath” from Raven Digitalis and it really empowered me. I used to be a scared little sponge, scared of people’s loud emotions that they don’t take care of (and that I thought I should feel for them). Now I feel stronger in my energy and I feel and transmute low vibrational emotional energy into some more high vibrational one (hope, love, compassion) and send that back out in the world (or the person that the emotions came from). Thank you. That’s an amazing gift.

  • KeichaReply

    I thank you so much for this article. I discovered I am an empath and it has been a determined, uphill battle in an attempt to learn more about me. I have experience a lot over my life that lead me to start dissecting my existence. Most of all, I wanted to rid myself of all the labels that have been “given” to me over my life, from the day I was born, and break bread with my authentic self. It has been a journey of ups and down, harsh realities, but best of all, the most beautiful gift of enlightenment. Your article resonated with me and I will continue this journey as I know I am here for a reason and I KNOW my existence will benefit humanity. Now, I just need to learn to allow my empathic abilities to marry the strength that I have been running from for so long. No more running . . . I’m exhausted from running. No more. Thank you!!!

  • Felipe GarciaReply

    OMG I just until now found this post… This explains so many things about me and my behaviors and emotions. I feel like this makes everything fall into place. I’m so happy I found this article. I feel empowered, and best of all, I don’t feel like a victim of life. I’m very grateful.

  • Jon RichardsonReply

    So what do i do?! My mom said channeling is dangerous. I don’t seem to be able to avoid it. How do i be ok?!! It’s ducking up my life and my kids

  • Jon RichardsonReply

    She was a very successful medium for 30+years. She had people flying in from dc. I fought her so very hard. And she was right in so many things. I can’t ask her anymore, do you have true insight?

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