Born to Be an Empath: The Secret Art of Emotional Alchemy

Dear Empaths,

In my last post I shared with you that you are all energy alchemists and I told you that I would talk about how you can use your empathic intelligence to perform energy alchemy and transmutation in my next post. This is the subject of today’s post.

First of all, what is energy alchemy? According to what I have channeled, energy alchemy is essentially, the fulfillment of our empathic purpose. Contrary to popular belief, empaths are not born to absorb everybody’s shit for no reason, any more than we are born to go around like little walking eggs, who never crack out of the shell because we’re so afraid that if we do, we’ll be annihilated by the blazing sun of everyone’s feelings. We have a purpose. We are the spiritual trees of the world, cleaning the air so that every creature can breathe. And that task of cleaning is what I call “energy alchemy.”

Absorbing Too Much Energy? What if it’s Actually Not Enough?


Now, turning your natural empathic intelligence up all the way, in order to transmute energy from negative to positive, takes time. It takes time to explain and time to learn something like that. But I’m going to capture the nuts and bolts of it for you here. Today I’m going to talk about the foundational concept of energy alchemy, and that will give your highly sensitive empathic brain a lot to soak up.

 The reason that we feel burdened and drained by energy, is because we’re trying to hold onto it, all on our own. But we really don’t have to go it alone: when you think about it, empaths have an entire universe they can connect themselves to at the drop of a hat. See, what we empaths do is we unconsciously attract extreme emotional experience. This is because we know, on a higher level of awareness, that we are supposed to be healing—so we go seek out who needs help. And then we just focus on the ones who needs us, one at a time. Naturally, when we see that people are loaded down we just start grabbing at what’s tugging on them…and then we carry the weight ourselves. Pretty soon, it’s like we’re wearing 500 19th century ball gowns, and it becomes impossible to move. We feel lethargic, drained—done. So the solution that is proposed to us, and that we sometimes even propose to ourselves, is that we should just stop absorbing anything—shield ourselves constantly, and settle for a life lived within the confines of an energetic safety-box. Hello, metaphysical claustrophobia. But we’re told that’s just the way it has to be. It’s for our own good, because we’re just too darn fragile. Right? Wrong. It isn’t that we’re absorbing too much energy, we’re not absorbing enough.

Think about it. Empaths have the ability to connect to energy at a high intensity—in other words, to become one with. What we mostly do with this ability, is become one with whoever needs our help—people who are bogged down by negative energy, right? And that’s not actually a bad idea—that’s the beauty of our healing instinct at work. The problem is that the only energy we’re becoming one with, or connecting to if you will, is this single person or that specific group of people, when we could potentially be connecting to the entire collective consciousness—the universe itself. You see, we empaths carry an immense power within us, and this is why we are so misunderstood, and this is also why it is sometimes so hard for us to know what to do with ourselves. We empaths possess the most infinite and ancient of virtues—the power to channel the vibration of total consciousness. This vibration of total consciousness, as most of you have probably experienced at times, is an eternal and mysterious, paradox intelligence. Some call it god, others might call it love—it has many names. Whatever you refer to it as, is a matter of your semantic preference. The point is that empaths are the ultimate channels—without even knowing it, we breathe and exist as portals to anything and everything. And when we don’t know it, we end up like untrained astronauts trying to fly a NASA spacecraft…can you say, “Houston we have feelings?” Luckily for us, we are living in what I’ve been calling the Age of the Healer, also known as the Age of Aquarius—an age in which the empathic purpose will be fulfilled—a concept I will discuss more in future posts. My point is, we empaths can channel the eternal mind of the universe, without even having to lift a finger. We can do it while we’re eating lunch or waiting in line at the supermarket—it’s that easy.

And this is a crucial step in acting as energy alchemists because, when we fully awaken our channel to the highest vibration of consciousness, we not only connect ourselves to that power, but we connect any negative energy we encounter to that power—and that power will transform and transmute whatever it touches, into love. You’ve heard the quote by Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We can understand this observation in terms of the universe. These little lives we experience as individuals, are just that—parts. And in these little roles, all added up, one on top of the other, it’s just chaos and suffering. We look at each other, and the totality of the state of things here on earth, and we just feel overwhelmed. But the whole itself, is a vastness that is so beyond the sum. The whole is an infinite mechanism, incapable of being summed up. Empathic intelligence is the gift through which we channel the vibration of this whole, greater than the sum of its parts. Through this portal within us, the energy of the world is reborn—transmuted.


So the question now is, how is this done? How do you do this? I’m going to get to the heart of this in an upcoming post, and in the form of a video which I will post in the coming weeks. Knowing how to activate the purpose of your empathic intelligence will be a big piece in the puzzle of mastering your gifts. Beyond the knowing, is the self-acceptance that empaths often struggle with. When you have a purpose this big, it can be a little intimidating. Not to mention the heavy dose of fear-based programming which you as an empath have been force fed. How do you seamlessly regurgitate that? How do you really come to realize, and embrace yourself, so that your truth as an empath will be expressed in this lifetime? And if your natural inclination as an empath is to attract extreme emotional experience, then how do you use what you do understand about energy alchemy on an everyday basis, in your routine interactions with others—how can you witness a liberation in them and in yourself, without really having to lift a finger? These topics and others will be the subject of my upcoming posts and videos. There is so much to learn and share together, empaths, and we have only just begun.

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About Alayna

Alayna is a psychic, a healer, an intuitive life coach, and an astrologer. Her life purpose is to help others grow, heal, and spiritually know themselves.

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  • ReneeReply

    I am so grateful for this information it is exactly what I have needed for a long time. I have been told my whole life that I am too sensitive, but I have always considered myself to be a strong person and now it makes sense to me. I came to understand that what I experience is a gift of empathy but no one has ever explained what I can do with this gift ( besides protect my energy when I’m around people). Anyway I just want to say thank you.

    • AlaynaReply

      Renee there is SO MUCH you can do with your amazing gift. I can’t wait to share more with you. Thank you for sharing!

  • JulieReply

    This is more timely than you know, or maybe you do!! Thank you a million times, empaths in these current energies are unraveling and we need help pulling ourselves together to maintain our lives with some decorum! Your support this way is invaluable. It helps us do our work in helping others.

  • DominikaReply

    Really interesting reading – you’ve put into words what I already felt for quite a while. I’ve always been too sensitive and still get easily overwhelmed by strong emotions which I find hard to control, even though I know mechanics behind them. It’s the transmuting bit that got my attention. I always had a feeling that I wasn’t just sensing emotions – I could change them. I had a dream twice, where I was floating over Atlantic Ocean and my body was like an adapter for a white-gold Light beam, coming through me and into the Ocean and I could communicate with both of them. I used the Light to wake the ocean up in order to create waves. It didn’t even feel like a dream or even lucid dream, either. Very odd experience…

    • AlaynaReply

      Dominika, thank you so much for sharing that! I could really see the dream as I read your words. Fascinating and sensual. I am in awe and will enjoy picturing that in my mind for a while. I feel like your dream illustrates in such a beautiful and vivid way, what energy alchemy is really all about. I would possibly like to discuss your dream in an upcoming post. If that is something you think you might be comfortable with please contact me here.

  • Hannelie JacobsReply

    well written, as you know empaths need affirmation all the time and this did that for me.

  • JeannetteReply

    Very informative and I enjoyed the read. I am finally at a place where pieces are finally falling into place. Thank you

  • ValentinaReply

    Barely found out what empathic was I was four years old didn’t understand why it was so sensitive to everything constantly crying understand walking out my door feeling so overwhelmed I am so so grateful for your post so so helpful need it thank you

    • AlaynaReply

      Valentina thank you so much. I am grateful for you. Gifts that cause such powerful suffering render powerful healing. Blessings to you.

  • EllenReply

    Dear Alayna
    How wonderful your words explain this powerful gift of healing!
    I am 65 yrs young and was born into this world at a time when talking about such things were taboo. I have been blessed in crossing paths with my soul family to guide me alkng my life journey.
    Now is the time for Empaths we are essentials in the consciousness evolving.
    Not being afraid is the key to understanding this evolution change.
    Thankyou for your beautiful words – I know this is a challenge to do when using earth language – sometimes words just do not explain which is the stumbling block of Empaths.
    Peace and Love

    • AlaynaReply


      Thank you for sharing a little of your story with me. You have been so brave to face your real self during an era where who you were was so not to the liking of the status quo. We must all keep being brave, because as you see, now is our time to act.

      Your energy is powerful and special. I’m glad you found me! And yes, I know exactly what you mean about “earth language” and what a perfect phrase to describe this specific challenge!

      Blessings and love <3

  • JohnReply

    Probably not the correct place to leave this question, but ive been stumbling through this life alone trying to figure it out myself. Past couple months ive had a pretty strong feeling that i could just sit agains a tree and just for lack of a better word meditate/sleep (while still conscious just not physical) for a thousand years and rest…. Know it sounds dumb, but ive never had a feeling so strong that keeps coming back. Just figured maybe someone knew the feeling, being i guess im a self taught spiritualist and have nothing to go by

    • AlaynaReply

      John, sometimes self teaching is the best path. I really know exactly what you mean, and find your comment to be totally appropriate here. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • L.JReply

    I honestly think there is just more to being an empath, I’ve struggled my whole life wondering why I’m so different than everyone else yet fitting in society, confused every day of who I am and my purpose here, but when I finally excepted who I am, another part of me came out, so to speak, I’ve excepted after therapist and pastors telling me I have a gift, but for me all those years felt like a curse, I wish I would have excepted many years ago the sadness and anxiety and crying spurts even as a child not knowing why I feel overwhelmet and not having anyone to talk to that would even understand or comprehend such a thing.. my spiritual side is amazing and always has been but being so sensitive I believe I am more prone to darkness as well, so even though I am blessed with a gift from god I also experience the darker side too, Is there anyone else out there that can relate to this, my therapist and pastor said I’m fine, I’m not crazy, I do have a friend I just found out has gone through this as early as a toddler, it’s a lonely feeling, I read the Bible and close to god and Jesus but at times still experience not just negative from human beings but the spiritual darkness as well..

  • Amber McKinnonReply

    Hi Alanya
    Thank you so much for your work; I had no idea until last week I was a warrior empath, which is bloody hard work. My brother has bipolar and Mum with her conscious bias assigns my emotional connection to mental illness – despite fact Ive never had psychosis. So Ive had to let my family go at the moment given Ive started a media company this year and need positive force around me. I cant do what I need to do with people dragging me down. Words are my power for healing but as a warrior its easy for me to make them destructive when people dont like my truth and perception. Hence the business: i cant work with people who block me and I know my purpose now. So thank you again: really…I dont feel so alone anymore. :))

    • KatReply

      Thank you for your comment. There is mental illness in my family too, and there is an interesting balancing act in myself to not go too far out, thinking I may not come back. But when I did I felt so powerful and I had no fear and I felt so alive . And I think playing small was considered ‘normal’ and safe, but we can take on so much more thanks to this post. I recognize there are certain people if you seek who have energetic harmony with you and you can both release and share. And sometimes our loved ones are our greatest teachers.

  • Kecia MatthewsReply

    Many thanks to you,for your realization in the fact of many lost and struggling empaths in need of guidance in order to rise to our calling. Blessings of light and love to you friend🌹

  • Diane BrookReply

    Im so happy to have found my way to you! I look forward to reading more inspiring info. Finding out iam an empath many years ago i truly feel better. But not knowing how to use it yet and help people the right way is so interesting!

  • EmanReply

    I do not know who is real Deity of this world we live in but Evil overlords are losers if they think all humans will free willingly bow to their BS. Only if tricked or forced..but that does not count.

  • AnneReply

    Loved what you said an it is soo relatable as i often felt alone an the odd one in the crowd. Have always been told Im too sensitive an told to toughen up. Unfortunately being an Emotional Empath open doors to the Energy vampires of the world an the Narcissists that surround us an are family members. I have learned this the hard way but through hardship an some very difficult life experiences I have learned wisdom an now know how blessed i am for feeling things soo acutely. The sleeper has awakened an i am finally at peace with who i am an my ability to sooth an help others

  • SeanReply

    I found the holy spirit growing out of the ground. He showed me where to look

  • maryReply

    I”ve always struggled with the typical emphatic definition of the sensitive broken person,overwhelmed by their emotions, hiding from the world because they are hurt over and over by others. I feel like I have emphatic gifts because i have always felt sensitive to others energy. However, I have learned to absorb others negative energy and transfer back calm energy to the person I am working with. I have worked as a social worker for many years, so this has been a very useful tool that l that I can utilize on a daily basis. I have also learned to project positive energy to others which can help people find their own positive energy while we are working together. Thank you for bringing to light the other abilities of empaths to use their sensitivity to energy to help others.

  • Deborah AdetunjiReply

    This was very helpful and interesting. Hoping to read some of your upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brian ScottiReply

    Thank you Alayna, for such an insightful and very deep view about being an empath! I love the phrase “energy alchemy” and I resonate very much with your words being an empath myself. Very enlightening!

  • Felipe GarciaReply

    This is just amazing. This makes me feel like I’m getting to know my purpose. All this information makes me feel very excited to know how to use my gifts (that I once thought made me a fragile person) and assist others. I have always felt the calling to assist people, but I just didn’t know or had the tools to do so. These posts are shinning a light in my life. Thank you very much. I feel empowered…

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