“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” —Albert Einstein

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    The World Isn’t Ending, It’s Having an Orgasm

    First of all, let me say that I hate discussing sex in any public forum. I was raised in a family of devoted and faithful Mind Your Own Business-ers. My Dad would probably call that “a real mick thing.” He, an Irish, early model baby-boomer, born in 1940’s San Francisco, would instruct us in this […]

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    Why Feminine Intelligence Will Save Us From Ourselves

    How Empathy and Emotional Evolution Will Save Us, and Why Feminine Energy is the Answer to Political Struggle, & Cultural Divineness That is Ceasing the World   Human consciousness is accelerating, moving through the woods and darkness of its own intelligence, awakening to itself. There is sound, where there was before only silence. What is […]

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    Is Destiny Real? The Subconscious Gateways & The Soul

    Have certain events in your life felt like destiny and what is this thing that we call destiny? For any event to transpire, as I am pretty sure most quantum physicists will agree, the event has to concentrate its manifestation as an expression of one outcome out of what would be perhaps, infinite potential outcomes. […]

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    Does Empathy Lead to Psychic Abilities? Part II

    In my previous post (Part I) we explored the nuts and bolts of how empathy and psychic ability are interrelated, and come together in a sort of outer level of awareness, which is the imagination. I promised a Part II of that post would shortly follow, in which we would move in the direction of […]

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    How Empaths Can Develop Psychic Abilities: The Divine Imagination (Part I)

    Dear Empaths, Your sensitivity makes you a natural psychic, whether you are aware of this or not. This is because empathic intelligence makes you aware and sensitive to all sources of energy. This innate awareness can easily, and quite naturally act as a channel to subtler forms of energy. As a psychic, I can tell […]

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    Empaths & The Psychic Cure to Terrorism in the World

    I am going to tell you something that goes against everything you’ve heard about empaths, and what they ought to do with themselves. Yet I believe this is a message which will resonate within you, because your own inner voice, I’m suspecting, has already told you what I’m about say, controversial and taboo as it […]

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    The Purpose of the Ego: A Wave in the Sea

     “I have only one thing to do and that’s be the wave that I am, and then sink back into the ocean.” –Fiona Apple, Container (theme song from the television show, “The Affair”)    Who are you? You are a wave. The very sound of rhythm—the very essence of sound. You are the first line […]

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    The Pain of Plastic Packaging: Breaking the Soul Cage

    Dear Empaths, I can’t empathize this enough: we’ve all been lied to. And we’ve come to believe it. We live in a world that tells us to hide ourselves—to shield ourselves. And it’s not just empath’s who receive this message. It’s everyone. We live in a world made of hand sanitizers, gloves, bubbles and door […]

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    Why Empaths Are More Effected by Mercury Retrograde

    Dear Empaths, We are currently “enjoying” our second round of Mercury retrograde for 2016 (April 28-May 22). Have you ever wondered if Mercury retrograde affects sensitive people more intensely? I’ll tell you what I think: I think it does. I think Mercury retrograde swallows us from the inside out. And then I think we swallow […]

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    The Slow Liberation from the Gridlock of the World: An Empath’s Journey

    One of the things which I find most fascinating about myself and other empaths, is our extreme inner turmoil, which can sometimes translate into pure volatility. You would think, logically, that empaths would be utterly soft and peaceful creatures, who roll through this existence gently on the low tide. Alas, logic once again fails to […]

  • empathy17

    An End to the Suffocation of the Empath: Deep, Spirit Breathing

    Dear Empaths, We are currently between eclipses (with the last solar eclipse being on March 3rd and the next one approaching on March 23rd.) Everyone can feel this powerful and intense energy—but of course in particular, empaths do! Not only do we empaths feel the universal vibration—but we feel our neighbor’s vibration too. Eclipses bring […]

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    Energy Alchemy & Transmutation: Stepping into the Depths of Your Empathic Becoming

    Dear Empaths, This blog is your journey to energy alchemy. It is not the standard of anything you’ve read. It is deeper than that. This is your own echo, coming back to you. We empaths have all heard this voice. Let’s listen together. Take a moment and remember who you are. Removed from the infringements […]

  • empathy13

    Born to Be an Empath: The Secret Art of Emotional Alchemy

    Dear Empaths, In my last post I shared with you that you are all energy alchemists and I told you that I would talk about how you can use your empathic intelligence to perform energy alchemy and transmutation in my next post. This is the subject of today’s post. First of all, what is energy […]

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    Dear Empaths, You Are Energy Alchemists

    Dear Empaths, You are energy alchemists. Let me explain. First, I would like to propose a radically different notion to you: you’re not fragile, and you don’t need to be protected. Yes, I am talking to you, empaths. This is probably different from what you’ve heard or read. I bet you’ve heard that you need […]

Intuition is the experience of uninhibited consciousness. Carrying itself so liberally, the mind can go in anywhere it likes, and transform the experience of reality by the same magic with which it suddenly arrives at solutions.