The Slow Liberation from the Gridlock of the World: An Empath’s Journey

One of the things which I find most fascinating about myself and other empaths, is our extreme inner turmoil, which can sometimes translate into pure volatility. You would think, logically, that empaths would be utterly soft and peaceful creatures, who roll through this existence gently on the low tide. Alas, logic once again fails to matter in the execution of real life. We’re nothing like the low tide—at least this empath isn’t. Instead, we’re twisting in the winds of everything. And really, why shouldn’t we? After all, we feel everything—so we’re going to ride it. And this life is an ever changing spectrum of tides, as much of a contradiction between chaos and order as the beautiful kaleidoscopes we played with as children.

 I’d be lying if I told you that I had it all figured out—that I never have any turmoil these days, that my sensitivity doesn’t overrule my sensibility, and that I now exclusively roll with the low tide. I’m just like you, or like anybody. Those of you who have read my previous posts know that I’m hugely against the popular solution for empaths, which proposes that we go around constantly shielding ourselves from the sticky world that sticks to us. Why? Because liberation is the one true path to healing, and the former “solution” proposes that we repress ourselves, rather than working with who we are. It’s a quick fix, that leaves us staggering in the darkness of isolation, hiding from life and its experiences, because we can’t “take it.” The truth is, we can take so much more than they give us credit for, than we give ourselves credit for. If you have made it through this world as an empath, then whether you know it or not, you have already proven that you are tougher than nails.

They Were All Wrong About You


But how do we get beyond simply being tougher than nails, and living day in and day out on the fringes of sanity, as we reel from the immense ebbs and flows of the energy that surrounds us? What’s more, is there a way for us to embrace who we are, and harness this immense power of connection to energy in order to actually change our own realities? Even though as I’ve already mentioned, I would unquestionably disqualify as a master of inner peace, I (like many of you) am on this journey. And like many of you, I have in the recent years been receiving information about the nature and purpose of empaths. We can create the life and the reality that we want. The trouble is, that what we want often does not align with who we are. That is, we fail to see ourselves as empaths, in our true form. In order to really create what we want for ourselves, we must first know what we actually want. And in order to know what we want, we must discover who we are.

Of course I can’t tell you who you are, but perhaps by exploring the deeper structures of what it means to be an empath, we can together begin to find ourselves. We live within a world and a society that is in the business of labelling, condensing, and simplifying this beautiful, complex kaleidoscope of reality. We define and posture every facet of existence in order to impose constant boundaries upon the experience of living itself. This is how we have come to believe that life is a matter of death and taxes, mortgages and marriages, and supply and demand. But this way of thinking is a confining thought program, which keeps all individuals, particularly those of a highly sensitive nature (empaths), from the liberty and delight of true self-knowing.

What is true self-knowing? To understand this, and to understand who an empath is, we must understand what it means to live—to be a life form. In essence, all life forms are empaths, or empath-like: all lifeforms are infinitely connected by an inherent sensitivity to the energy systems that compose our universe. An empath, like any creature, is a complex being. As empaths, we have been force-fed the world’s oversimplified, self-defeating logic, which tells us that we are nothing more than singular individuals. But then we experience ourselves as a collective presence, in tandem with the energy of other beings and forms of intelligence that surround us. This, I propose, is the true cause of our disorientation. That’s right, you heard me. It isn’t our sensitivity to energy that drives us mad—it is the straining imposition of concrete thinking that does so. That is, it’s the logical supposition of our singularity and separateness, crammed against our own contrasting experience of collectivity and unification. When we feel the presence and energy of our environment, we are feeling ourselves as more than individuals, and we are taking on a collective awareness of experience. But socialization itself has forged upon us the idea that none of that is real. And what this makes us unconsciously feel and believe, is, that we are not real.


As long as we remain so in the dark, and so out of touch with who we are, how can we ever find our way to true empowerment? Is it any wonder that so many empaths end up medicated, sedated, and all too often even, straight-jacketed? What if we could consciously begin to step beyond these mind boundaries, and discard them like tired and uncomfortable clothes? What if we could deny these belief-forms which tell us that we are a mere “me” instead of an infinite “we”? I suppose I could try to answer this question for you, but I don’t really think I would succeed if I did. I think words would fail to answer this question. And even if words could answer it, what good would worded answers do us? How would words replace the living that we all desire to live out?

I would propose instead, that we do this together. You, me—and all empaths. Together. Let us begin to bend the concrete bubble of consciousness in which we have been caged for so long. Because it won’t work without you, the individual, or us, the collective, doing it together—as one. After all, we are one and the same, are we not? We—empaths—and ultimately all humans, are walking this path towards evolution, which has at this time, for the age old reason of survival, taken on a spiritual direction. And we are all struggling through our impurities and blindness to make it through these woods. Let’s move together, instead of alone. Let’s move as one, with one another and with the woods. Let’s each of us, become all of it. And one step, one day at a time, move closer to ourselves.

Will you do this with me? Take a deep breath and close your eyes (or keep them open if you prefer.) Feel your awareness running through the circuitry of your own mind, your own body, as it always does. Now, let it flow and roam beyond the confines of your body. No longer afraid, let yourself search and sift and enfold and be enfolded into the world around you. Feel the pulse of consciousness—your consciousness, mine, ours, and that which is beyond you and me—and yet still is you, claim itself, and experience itself. Free of these labels: mine, yours, theirs, ours, etc. Open your eyes, and repeat this. Move further out, expand and stretch yourself into impossible distance. You may find that you can even feel your own consciousness as far away as the moon, which is now approaching fullness. For the moon, as far away as she is, commands a force of energy which easily becomes one with your sensitive soul. Now, feel the other empaths out there—all of us, stretching and liberating ourselves together. You are helping them, and they are helping you.

Let’s try this for today—and perhaps tomorrow. Maybe five minutes or one minute a day, or a week. Whatever suits you. The important thing is that you’re not alone—as many of us as possible are bending the dimension of consciousness in which we all exist. And we’re beginning to shift humankind towards and into the new age of spiritual revolution. Share this post with others—spread the idea. Let’s come together.

In upcoming posts, about how we can sink deeper still into this awareness in order to change our practical realities, and bring our dreams to life on the constructive plane. In the near future, we’ll also discuss how we can use our empathic intelligence to reverse anxiety, and heal the suffering in those we love and care for—and much, much more. Stay tuned, empaths.

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About Alayna

Alayna is a psychic, a healer, an intuitive life coach, and an astrologer. Her life purpose is to help others grow, heal, and spiritually know themselves.

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    • Ruby AhnReply

      Thank you for your work Alayna so beautifully and precisely described. Thank you to all and one who are diligently working with these collective energies as a empath. Take extra care of you. We are one.

      • AlaynaReply

        Thank you for saying that Ruby Ahn, I love the feeling of warmth I just got from your comment ♡

  • EllaReply

    Didn’t feel alone tonight. Thank you… Felt the sea of energy of like around me…

  • NikkiReply

    Thanks Alayna. I’m really enjoying your way of looking at the world. I look forward to hearing more. <3

    • AlaynaReply

      Thank you so much Nikki. You don’t know what that means to me. I am so glad you are here ♡

  • Kimberly WhittleReply

    Alayna,Thank you for sharing your Truth. ..I love the gift of being an Empath…it has brought to me a wealth of experiences ..that I couldn’t have dreamed of …I am truely Greatfull for every moment I have lived…I look forward to sharing in your ideas…Let your light shine!!!!

    • AlaynaReply

      Dear Kimberly, You are so right. This is a beautiful existence, to be loved and enjoyed. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing.

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