The Pain of Plastic Packaging: Breaking the Soul Cage

Dear Empaths,

I can’t empathize this enough: we’ve all been lied to. And we’ve come to believe it. We live in a world that tells us to hide ourselves—to shield ourselves. And it’s not just empath’s who receive this message. It’s everyone. We live in a world made of hand sanitizers, gloves, bubbles and door locks—a world made of passwords, safe words, zippers, blinds and curtains. It’s not that I don’t lock my door at night, or that I don’t believe in showers. It’s not that I’m against bug spray or Vitamin C. I’m against this shield between you and me. I’m against this belief that’s been injected into my veins that you’re contagious and I’ve got to protect myself from all your germs, especially those of a spiritual nature. I’m against this group-think memo that I keep seeing regurgitated into articles and other literature on empaths and spiritual people that informs me that I’m sensitive, and I’ve got to shield myself from your shitty problems.

You know why? Because my problems are shitty too. And the deeper I dive into my metaphysical sleeping bag, the more I smell the heavy stench of my own suffering. That is, the less I am connected to you, the less I am connected to myself. Do you know why? I am sure many of you already have a good idea. It is because YOU are all that I am. And without YOU other humans, I’m just a lone wandering fraction of a molecule hiding under a little hat, getting smaller and smaller by the second, until I become so small that my existence itself becomes doubtful.

One could look at my font in the previous sentence and say I’m being dramatic. But I’m not. You know it’s true. We live in a world that constantly suppresses, boxes, isolates, and packages us. Even our social world has become increasing artificial, as our social exchanges now occur more and more through the protected screen of a device (without the messy, complicated and wonderful dressings of facial expression and voice intonation.)  Everything that was once a natural habit is processed and packaged, from our social calls to our granola bars. And at the end of the line stands us, the empaths: the ultimate feelers, the born healers, being told to turn ourselves off and wear our energy shield like armor into the battlefield of life.


This is an attitude of survivalism turned in on itself. For the more we close in upon ourselves, the closer we stand to death. And we encounter this not only in our individual existences, but in the fate of the collective itself. The first world human race, safely tucked into suburbia and its comforts, has found ways to disconnect from nature herself. No longer sensitive, no longer empathic to our own environment, we have now come to settle on destroying her. We frack her and poison her, and we snuff out her life wherever it so much as glances in our direction. This seems all good and well—after all, Mother Nature herself isn’t us—it’s no skin off our nose! Only, she is us. We depend on her. It’s all connected—and without her we will surely die. Ok fine, we could all board a spacecraft and colonize the Moon, or perhaps Mars. It would be just like moving down the block, right? Yeah, who thought of that genius idea? When we get done killing the Earth real good, we’ll just go rape and pillage the Moon. Maybe we’ll bring a few gazillion boxes of Twinkies with us or something. Throw that and a few flat screens in the Space U-Haul and everything will be cake. That’s so much easier than just not actively spending billions of dollars a year in order to purposefully destroy our own wonderful, beautiful, gravity-having, rainforest-growing, whale-swimming home. Real smart.

Speaking of smarts, I’ve often struggled to understand what intelligence really is. The best definition of it I’ve heard was relayed to me by a friend who told me they thought intelligence was a function of self-preservation. This understanding of intelligence is also perhaps best reflected in nature itself. Although I argued that some of the most intelligent people I know, have also been the least equipped for self-preservation, I had to also subsequently admit that this was only in the literal sense of the term.  Emotionally and spiritually, no matter how young they die or how badly they might suffer, intelligent people are the best preserved folks. No matter what, intelligent people remain true to who they are. And even when it appears they’ve sold themselves out, they haven’t. Given this definition of intelligence, and this interpretation of self-preservation, it is clear that the brains of the human race are buried exactly where society least expects them—in the hallways of institutions, in schools and classrooms for the mentally handicapped, in conversations conducted at dinner tables in government housing and on sidewalks holding signs. Going on what I discussed earlier about Mother Nature, if we consider it, we can see that these places I have mentioned and others, are where we will most likely find people who remain connected to their own nature—and thus to nature herself, who undoubtedly best reflects the intelligence of self-preservation. Yes, I am saying that you will more likely find the emotional genius and the spiritual brilliance of empathy in the eyes of a child with Downs Syndrome than you will in the Master’s Thesis of a Harvard graduate. Those whom we think of as mentally impaired are from this perspective, the only real example of brains among us. But I am not saying this to assure myself and others that we are hopeless. Rather, the opposite: I am saying this to demonstrate that it is within us: the self-preservation that is acutely sensitive to the carefully and divinely balanced entanglement of all things is within us. This is the great intelligence of empathy. And if all of us were more attuned to this potential, we could turn this ship around and head away from self-destruction; towards smooth sailing seas of life’s magical flow and rhythm.


The truth is I believe it’s up to us empaths to turn the ship around, as underneath the layers and the colors, we will find nature herself—the universe herself—to be an empathic intelligence. Ever expanding, ever contracting, she relates herself on and on, to and from the patterns that compose her—she is as one with herself, feeling together with all that she is. She is the definition of empathy. And we are a part of her—contagiously and eternally interconnected to our beginning and our end. And when I say “we,” I mean all of us humans expressing the universe for this time in the form of our own conscious perception and experience. But we have tried to divorce ourselves from this. We have cut ourselves off from nature, in an attempt to be her master. It wasn’t enough for us to exist; we had to be “in charge”. But to be in charge, one must no longer be in association—there has to be a line drawn to establish the separation necessary to enjoy “power”. The only trouble is this kind of power is impossible; this kind of power, which would be better understood as the illusion of dominion, requires us to cut off a part of ourselves in order to be in charge of it. So we have cut ourselves off from nature and thus from our own spiritual intelligence in order to “rule over” this piece of who we are. It’s akin to cutting off your own leg, so that you can really “possess” it. Meanwhile you bleed out, in blindingly tragic ignorance to the fact that you had all the power when you were as one with and connected to your leg.

Empaths you know this is true, spiritual power. You are the ones among the human collective, who are most tapped into our real intelligence which has less to do with I.Q. scores, degrees or SAT’s than fish have to do with mountain climbing. This is not to say that these academic measures count for nothing, but it is to say that we will need more than our concrete and logical intelligence to reverse our otherwise imminent doom. We will need to develop our long abandoned, spiritual and emotional intelligences preserved in the hearts of you and others. We will need to vibrate its rhythm and message from our rib cages to the world’s cages, in order to liberate the long forgotten human-animal spirit.

How do we do this, how on earth is this done? Many of you know the all too simple answer: feel, and do not think. Our thoughts are liars that will tell us not to feel. Our thoughts are the vessels of programming that has taught us to zip up, to lock up and to disconnect. The modern world we live in presents to us all things once natural, now posed in plastic packaging. The material of our thoughts has been stolen from us, reprocessed, and factory produced with a seal, that is then sold back to us for a price that we can only afford from our earnings as workers at said metaphorical factory.  It isn’t that thoughts are bad, but they ought to be the product rather than the manufacturer of our feelings. And we’ve forgotten how to do that—we being the human race. But empaths, you have not.  You know how. It’s a matter of faith.

Feelings are a faith that burns through each of us, and that our modern lives are designed to douse out.  Everywhere we look, we are told of the meaninglessness of faith. Faith is associated with the religious fascism of the middle ages. But we forget that there is nothing but faith to ever guide us. Even our belief in logic, is nothing more than a faith—a faith that for whatever reason, we should trust in reason. But reason without feeling breeds a sociopathic existence—one devoid of emotional interconnection—one that ultimately, self-destructs.

Nothing is braver than a sensitive mind that gives way to itself. This, empaths is our purpose: to wander deep down into ourselves and allow our illumination of feeling to carry us somewhere. We have to have faith in the feeling, and faith in the soul. We have to have faith that our intuition will guide us away from the numbing thoughts that blanket our sleeping awareness, and towards the open and awakening daylight of revelation and universal seeing.

That is hard to do. It takes real guts. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, it requires us to reject all notions of separation, and to question the common assumption that people, and empaths in particular, ought to shield themselves from their neighbors suffering. If we all really are connected, then your suffering is mine, whether I shield myself from it or not. I can’t keep myself from feeling the pain in my leg any more than I can keep myself from feeling the suffering of the world. But what I can do is cease to spiritually amputate myself and leave myself to bleed out from the pretended safety of my plastic bubble. To heal my own suffering, I’ve got to heal you. And to heal your own, you’ve got heal mine. This is the law of entanglement, the divine law of interconnection between you and I, us and them, and the universe herself.

How can we do it? We can begin by feeling, and not thinking. In doing so, we allow the intelligence of love to take over, and we let our minds cultivate wisdom from within this space. Now is the age of healing, in which empaths will begin to open these doors—these doors that lead to the great empathic awakening. The awakening is empathic because it is the time wherein we will become aware of our oneness, and move into the dawning of a new dimension of interconnected consciousness.  Dear empaths, this is our age. This is our time.

For today, let’s feel and not think. Let’s forfeit the worries and the calculations—the judgments about ourselves and others; and the finer details which will surely sort themselves out on their own in due time. These concerns have harvested our minds for too long. Now it is our turn to take this awareness back. To feel this moment, and live this life, and vibrate a new wave of consciousness, one that will ultimately heal humanity.

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About Alayna

Alayna is a psychic, a healer, an intuitive life coach, and an astrologer. Her life purpose is to help others grow, heal, and spiritually know themselves.

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  • eevieReply

    i innerstand where you are coming from…but your premise is a bit off. Not a criticism. 🙂 We are not responsible for what has been and is being done to the earth. They have silenced everyone who has ever tried to stop it. They are all dead. It is the psychopathic elite who are doing this…not us! We open ourselves to others of like heart only or pay the price. Believe me…i’ve been there and almost didn’t come back. We cannot keep swinging from one extreme to another. We must balance and move with wisdom of and thru the heart. Discernment is everything now. Being milab has given me a unique position for innerstanding many things, especially people.

    • AlaynaReply

      Eevie, I agree…we are not responsible in the sense of having caused this, but I do think we are in the sense of being able to heal it. “It” being the misplaced experience of separation which induces suffering throughout. Spiritual evolution, like all evolution, is born from necessity. Empaths will lead the way. Thank you for sharing your intelligent thoughts here… Based on your comment, I can’t say I see that we are in disagreement about this.

  • PaytonReply

    Another great entry. I always struggle with the concept of just feeling and being present. I never thought of it as a way to close myself off from others, I always thought of it as protecting others from my misfortunes because I’m trying to heal theirs. i now see the injustice in this type of thinking. Also I liked where you mentioned how we can’t exist with other beings and nature we have to control it, I grew up hearing animals were here for us to eat. Darwin and all that, even “quoted” (in certain later translations, also when it was convenient for the economy) in various religious books. But if everything has a vibration and feels emotion…. And we put these animals into our body… We should absorb this vibration at least temporarily, right? So if the last thing these animals are feeling is despair, terror, and sadness does this not dim our vibrations? Our diet is very much a part of this journey to enlightenment. Let’s vibrate higher and feel more.

    • AlaynaReply

      Thought provoking words Payton. It takes life to sustain life, and all energy and consciousness evolve and transform into other beings, through reincarnation, as well as physical death, etc. Cow or lettuce, it will become you, and turn to your life, it’s essence sacrificed into a new form. Should we eat animals or not? In my opinion, (and not to discount you at all!) that one is a matter of personal moral choice. But as you so excellently pointed out, in our current model for using them as a food source, they suffer terribly in life and death, and I can’t see any reason or justice in that. The Native Americans for example, treated the animals they ate with dignity and respect. They never robbed the animals of a wild existence, and they hunted them as animals hunting other animals. They further made use of the entire animal. This seems to be an empathic approach because it demonstrates an element of love and respect for nature, of flow and connection with her. The wild and beautiful animals translated from death to life, into other wild and beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing these ideas here… and making me think!

  • Javari NamaReply

    The intellect has its usefulness but it should never take the place of spirit and intuition. Everything in moderation. Emotion overrides the intellect. Instinct can override emotion at times. We all have three brains and they must be kept in balance lest emotion overwhelm everything and destroy us utterly. I am an empath and I believe shielding is appropriate when you are around a bad crowd or just a crowd period unless it’s a sangha. You have to learn to discern between your own feelings and those of others or you will forever be lost in emotional maze and maelstrom. Nothing is black and white.

    • AlaynaReply

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Javari. I agree that the intellect can only take us so far. I am speaking of spiritual/emotional intelligence. Just my opinion: shielding blocks us from our own God consciousness which is accessed through our psychic entanglement with all surrounding vibrations. I think we suffer when we absorb one particular negative individual energy, and unconsciously block the collective God rhythm. This is why we think shielding is necessary. Negative energy is just a label we apply to individual sources…once we become totally open this label dissolves. it was only ever a perception…everything is. By dropping the shields, Empaths unlock their unique power to channel and harness the collective vibration and transform its energy…I call this energy alchemy. You might better understand what I mean by that if you check out this article titled Dear Empathy You Are Energy Alchemists

      • DayanaReply

        This making waves collection is so great – I love the inartegtion of both the outside pattern and inside lining! And all the curvy/wavy lines give a lot more interest to all the bags!

  • MariaReply

    Hi Alayna, I just wanted to say thank you for your writing. I really think you are into something and I want to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing. I look forward to hearing and learning more as you work out more. 🙂 All the best, Maria

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