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Please note: Availability is sometimes limited. An immediate refund will be issued if this is the case.

You will be contacted within 24 hours of purchase to set up an appointment.

Training Costs and Certification FAQ:

Q. What is the cost of training?

A. Training and intuitive consultation/healing is $120 per hour, prorated by the minute. Clients may either purchase sessions online or receive invoices after each session.

Q. Why is training paid for by the session?

A. Alayna does not want to charge you a large sum of money all at once—but rather offer you an education at your own pace, and desire. Her training is structured more like that of a personal trainer, wherein the education and development is personalized and ultimately up to the student.

You will not be given a structured, prepackaged format that is applied to everyone and you will not be treated like a number. This is why training is paid for by the session, rather than offered at one big lump sum large fee.

Q. How far can I go with my training, and when do I become certified?

A. Because the Empathic Healing Method training is conducted through one on one sessions which are individually tailored to you, and take into account your personal spiritual goals, and an assessment of your unique spiritual path through Alayna’s psychic and astrological examination, how much you learn and how far you go in Alayna’s formula to spiritual growth, development of spiritual abilities, and mastery of the Empathic Healing Method is up to you. Training sessions will often overlap and integrate Empathic Healing that will be done to you, and intuitive consultation.

Certifications are given to students as soon as they demonstrate adequate skill. But this work is not about certifications, and you shouldn’t do it if that’s your goal. This work is about finding a way to your spiritual and psychic empowerment, this work is about your journey and your lifepath as a human healer. For this reason, Alayna allows the student to be their own guide. She offers students many options and choices in what they can learn, and how far they go in their studies.

Q. Why does Alayna offer training?

A. Alayna is a psychic, astrologer, spiritual guide and lifecoach. She developed the Empathic Healing Method over the course of her 12 year career, as a result of her realization that clients often needed a way to energetically transform their lives, beyond just talking about it. She now offers training for students to learn to perform the method on themselves and others, so that as many people as possible can benefit from this speed lane to psychic healing.

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