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An End to the Suffocation of the Empath: Deep, Spirit Breathing

Dear Empaths,

We are currently between eclipses (with the last solar eclipse being on March 3rd and the next one approaching on March 23rd.) Everyone can feel this powerful and intense energy—but of course in particular, empaths do! Not only do we empaths feel the universal vibration—but we feel our neighbor’s vibration too. Eclipses bring long series of experience to a head or to birth, and knock open the doors to transformation with one, cool bang. The reason I’m discussing eclipses is because they manifest powerful energy, which of course is always on some level (usually in the beginning stages) experienced as painful energy. And we can use our empathic intelligence to transmute this energy, in order to liberate ourselves and improve the global spiritual environment in one fell swoop. This past weekend I channeled some information specifically about this, and the role of pain in our work as energy alchemists. I have no doubt that many of you will experience a familiarity with these words, as I believe empaths all over the world are beginning to channel similar messages at this time. Let this post be your validation.

For our purposes, let’s understand pain and anxiety to be of the same material. Pain is the notion of suffering that overtakes us, and anxiety is the similar notion of worry, which then translates into pain. Pain speaks to us in a quiet and desperate voice, which tells us from between the shadows in which it hides, that we only need to escape, in order to be liberated. Pain is a liar, living in our hearts. He stabs at the walls of our insides and threatens us in the night. Then he wipes us down with wallowing, wet rags and bellows for our torment. He seduces us with lies that he holds before us, like bright and colorful balloons. He tells us, “Take these and go away—run away from me and hide, and you will never see me again.” And like little children, we do just that. And like little children, we then run straight into his arms.

What goes wrong here? Hiding is the most certain expression of fear, and fear is the favorite child of pain. Fear takes our hand, like a little friend, and leads us straight to his father—pain. Now, there is no reason to blame ourselves for this. But as empaths, we are so empowered when we let our deeply feeling eye, unfold in the heavy truth of pain. We must begin to see, that this approach to pain is so universally embedded throughout our collective consciousness, that it courses throughout the veins of society now. And this world depends on the most sensitive ones, the ones whom the world at times mistakes for the weakest ones, to clear the energetic cobwebs that hold it in these traps.

You see, the thing about that is this: empaths themselves have been told that this approach to pain (running and hiding) is how they must deal with the effects of their gifts. Empaths are told to shield themselves. And in doing so, while it would appear we are spared, in the end we find ourselves under the grip of darkness and isolation. We are suffocated—and we find ourselves once more, in the dark arms of pain.

The Illusion of Separation


I have discussed this point with you before. But let me tell you what I heard (through channeling) on this subject matter over the weekend. There is no difference between the external experience and the internal one. The perception of this distinction is a product of the illusion of separation, wherein we on the concrete plane see the world as being disconnected from ourselves, and see others as occupying individual and separate spaces of existence. Now, while in the physical world one could argue that this perception is true, on a greater level of consciousness it dissolves into an illusion, and from this greater level, we can see it as that. But on the concrete level, when we believe and operate within the context of the illusion of separation, we see the condition of the external world, particularly when it seems negative, as some sort of punishment. In truth all is one, and the external and internal reflect through and into one another, blending infinitely in an ongoing sea of beingness. In this way, although you carry on your individual life, you are forever woven into everything, and forever a mirror of the external mirror, which you yourself are a mirror to, and so on. This is a quantum and infinite sort of reflecting that rationality cannot seize. However, your soul can know it instantly. And as your soul begins to let you know what it knows, know that when you see pain in the external, it belongs to you, and is a reflection of you—while you are a reflection of it. When we choose to hide and close ourselves away, we only continue this dance—although from the confines of our hiding spaces, the external becomes pure darkness, reflecting a new level of void into us.

How do we escape the void? To put it most simply: we must stop escaping. It is through not only mere acceptance, but love of pain that we find peace and healing. We know this already, as time and experience have taught us that in dealing with our pain, hiding never works. We know that acceptance moves us beyond the terror of resistance. We know that once we no longer resist, we find that nothing resists us—we find that the battle all along, as much as it seemed to be against this or that, was really only ever against ourselves.

When we consider what this means in terms of our roles in the world as empaths, we may at first feel intimidated. How are we supposed to love all of the pain and anguish we encounter from others in everyday life, when we sometimes can’t even love our own? If you are asking this question, know that I can relate to you. And yet, know also, that you and I together, are using our empathic vision to find our way—and we are getting somewhere. For although we think of love as a willingness, a trust and a gift which is presented to the deserving, love is not nearly as complicated as all that. Love is a vibration, devoid of rationale and willingness—it is an automatic and perpetual stream of consciousness that overwhelms these details. The pain and anguish we encounter in everyday life will transmute from darkness to light, from loathing to love, if it only passes through the hands of our empathic filter. This weekend I was shown what this empathic filter is, and what it appears like.

Now, we empaths are used to the idea of putting bubbles and shields around our auras and bodies. These serve to confine us. The empathic filter however, rather than blocking us from anything, transmutes whatever we encounter—transforms the impurities in the psychic air that surrounds us. The empathic filter goes around our bodies, just like an energetic shield. But the empathic filter traffics the pure divine energy of love. This love is not personally sourced—it draws instead from the infinite wave of love that composes and compels this mysterious universe.


Now, the question is, how do you make your own? It is very simple empaths, you channel it into being. All empaths are natural channels. Channeling is a matter of being connected to—and there is no stronger hookup than that of empathic connection. Conceive in your mind now, this eternal love—this divine source. Now draw it into your being with your breath. When you exhale, let it flow from your being and all around you. As you exhale, notice that you do not lose any of this love, for its sourced from an eternal place. The more you exhale (give) the more you inhale (receive) and vice versa. Continue to breathe in and out—this energy of love. And do not stop, at least do not stop on purpose. The idea is to match the rhythms of oxygen-breathing that are so natural to your physical body with the ever constant rhythms of love-breathing that are so natural to your spiritual body. Throughout the day, whenever you think of it, consciously reinforce the habit. You are developing your spiritual intelligence, and breathing life and health into your spiritual body. And you are becoming, every day, a more powerful energy alchemist.

I have so much more to share with you, empaths. Some upcoming posts will involve the following topics: overcoming anxiety through empathy; the purpose of empaths in the Age of Aquarius; how to tell if you are an empath; the purpose of the sociopath along the empath’s journey; and how to use your empathic intelligence to develop other spiritual abilities, such as clairvoyance. Of course, our main focus will continue to be energy alchemy and transmutation. Do any of these topics appeal to you, or is there something in particular you would like me to write about? Let me know in the comments section, or via the contact page. Until next time, empaths…

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Energy Alchemy & Transmutation: Stepping into the Depths of Your Empathic Becoming

Dear Empaths,

This blog is your journey to energy alchemy. It is not the standard of anything you’ve read. It is deeper than that. This is your own echo, coming back to you. We empaths have all heard this voice. Let’s listen together.

Take a moment and remember who you are. Removed from the infringements of what you have been told, you will find yourself. There you are, waiting to be found. You have waited too long. Now it is your time. You have gone on, enduring the frigidity of advice which impeded upon you, and told you to wait still longer. This advice which told you to hide, to “shield” yourself, as if you were a soft and unnecessary creature. As if you were an accident which awaited some miracle of confinement to save it from itself.

How untrue all of it was. Spiritual alchemy, empaths—that is what you are. You are the essence of the sound of waves, recycling from the bottom of the ocean, to arise on the crest of movement, born in the hour that leads to the next—always coming from underneath, to the surface.

What is underneath? This is the bottom world. This is the world that only the brave souls can seek. This is the dark side of the moon, where the empath roams. Energy alchemy, is the process of transmutation, awakened in your palm. This is the turning from the blackness to the light, from hatred to love and from burning ashes to flight.

The Brave Belly

How is it done? Your belly, empaths, is where the power is held. Find your belly…the most inner part of it. This is where you wait for yourself. In this space, where all feeling becomes illuminated. This is where you feel the energy of the world. This is your door, through which walks the pain and the sabotage that drains and weakens you. But what can walk through this door is so much more. Dear empaths, you are the carriers of all consciousness, of all dimensions, and of the universe herself. Does this task sound too grand? It is not; for although in your individual way you are only one, you own still within you the beingness of all. What does this mean? You are both the individual and the collective. Your awareness is a paradox between these two states of being. You can escape them, only to find yourself back where you belong—in between all worlds—in between selves. Embrace this power. It is your light. You came as you are. You decided this.



Energy alchemy entails your invitation to this power. You invite the power, and you accept its invitation. It is easier than you may think. You’ve been told that everything is hard, because that is the programming of this world, in this time. But everything is not hard. Everything is whatever you perceive it to be. Open the doors now. Feel in your belly that hollow appetite which seeks to join itself to all things. Once you have it, conceive in your mind of the infinite. What is the infinite? What do you think it is? The infinite is whatever you conceive it to be. See the stars, galaxies, twists of time—yes, become David Bowie if you must! But see it! Think of the ages, think of the minds, think of the world around you. Do you have it? Good, now begin to sense it more. Feel the immense vibration. Feel it’s strange and eternal nature. Now let it invert, and flow from all directions into your core, into your belly.

You are becoming one. Let it flow. The feeling is intense. We’ve all been taught to distract ourselves from intensity. The feelings are what they want to take from us. It’s why they tell us to hide from them. But we are stronger than these influences, which are only voices of fear. We will show ourselves, and then them, that there is a better way than fear. Continue, empaths. Let it flow. We are doing this together. Allow the heaviness to become lightness in your body. Let all the weight of all things become zero gravity within you. Let its steady pulse set your rhythm. When you go about the world like this, you are walking with the waves of the world. You are the waves. Feel your rhythm.

The next part is this: direct it back out from you. All the traffic of the infinite—let its light flood from your systems. You cannot lose it, as it will only flow back into you. This is the gift of giving, and receiving—as the two are one and the same. Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed, and you can neither take, nor lose. For we are all connected, in the infinite light that transcends the illusion of separation.

As you filter it from your body, from your limbs, you begin to feel the rhythm of the waves increase, as the world around you becomes the waves with you. This is energy alchemy—this is the beginning of it. This is the way you move. You’ve known it all along. Searching as you have been for yourself, you knew deep down, all along, that this was where you were.


So how is this working? What is it doing? What you have just done is connect yourself, in no uncertain terms, to all that you were already connected to. But having made yourself so aware of it, what you have done is you have used your empathic intelligence to absorb the energy of everything that is. What we empaths are used to doing, is empathically (and often unconsciously) absorbing concentrated forms of energy. This is draining because it removes us from our higher wavelength—connected as one to all things. All humans are in essence empaths. But empaths are called empaths because we are the first carriers of this human light, intended to awaken this light in others, and bring the world to a higher dimension. This is the great empathic evolution. This is our special purpose in the Age of Aquarius, which will be further discussed in upcoming blogs.

When you engage in this first step in spiritual and energetic alchemy, you allow your form to become empowered by the infinite. And because the infinite is at peace in her totality, the microcosmic experiences of what we call “negative energy” come out in her wash. Negativity is a label which we assign to energy, and this label carries over in everyday exchange. But when connected to the infinite realms, this darker label is washed away and the energy is reborn—transmuted—alchemized.

What we will talk about next is how you can engage this energy on an everyday level—while you are sipping coffee or waiting in line at the supermarket. There is much more to energy alchemy, and its depths are as deep and as rich as you. For now, practice with this energetic contortion, in which your almighty belly becomes the altar to the world. I will talk in upcoming blogs and videos about how we can realize our purpose together; what the Age of Aquarius really means and more about our involvement in it; and how we can use energy alchemy to transform not only the energy—but the reality of our experiences. There is so much power in empathic intelligence that is yet to be discovered.

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Born to Be an Empath: The Secret Art of Emotional Alchemy

Dear Empaths,

In my last post I shared with you that you are all energy alchemists and I told you that I would talk about how you can use your empathic intelligence to perform energy alchemy and transmutation in my next post. This is the subject of today’s post.

First of all, what is energy alchemy? According to what I have channeled, energy alchemy is essentially, the fulfillment of our empathic purpose. Contrary to popular belief, empaths are not born to absorb everybody’s shit for no reason, any more than we are born to go around like little walking eggs, who never crack out of the shell because we’re so afraid that if we do, we’ll be annihilated by the blazing sun of everyone’s feelings. We have a purpose. We are the spiritual trees of the world, cleaning the air so that every creature can breathe. And that task of cleaning is what I call “energy alchemy.”

Absorbing Too Much Energy? What if it’s Actually Not Enough?


Now, turning your natural empathic intelligence up all the way, in order to transmute energy from negative to positive, takes time. It takes time to explain and time to learn something like that. But I’m going to capture the nuts and bolts of it for you here. Today I’m going to talk about the foundational concept of energy alchemy, and that will give your highly sensitive empathic brain a lot to soak up.

 The reason that we feel burdened and drained by energy, is because we’re trying to hold onto it, all on our own. But we really don’t have to go it alone: when you think about it, empaths have an entire universe they can connect themselves to at the drop of a hat. See, what we empaths do is we unconsciously attract extreme emotional experience. This is because we know, on a higher level of awareness, that we are supposed to be healing—so we go seek out who needs help. And then we just focus on the ones who needs us, one at a time. Naturally, when we see that people are loaded down we just start grabbing at what’s tugging on them…and then we carry the weight ourselves. Pretty soon, it’s like we’re wearing 500 19th century ball gowns, and it becomes impossible to move. We feel lethargic, drained—done. So the solution that is proposed to us, and that we sometimes even propose to ourselves, is that we should just stop absorbing anything—shield ourselves constantly, and settle for a life lived within the confines of an energetic safety-box. Hello, metaphysical claustrophobia. But we’re told that’s just the way it has to be. It’s for our own good, because we’re just too darn fragile. Right? Wrong. It isn’t that we’re absorbing too much energy, we’re not absorbing enough.

Think about it. Empaths have the ability to connect to energy at a high intensity—in other words, to become one with. What we mostly do with this ability, is become one with whoever needs our help—people who are bogged down by negative energy, right? And that’s not actually a bad idea—that’s the beauty of our healing instinct at work. The problem is that the only energy we’re becoming one with, or connecting to if you will, is this single person or that specific group of people, when we could potentially be connecting to the entire collective consciousness—the universe itself. You see, we empaths carry an immense power within us, and this is why we are so misunderstood, and this is also why it is sometimes so hard for us to know what to do with ourselves. We empaths possess the most infinite and ancient of virtues—the power to channel the vibration of total consciousness. This vibration of total consciousness, as most of you have probably experienced at times, is an eternal and mysterious, paradox intelligence. Some call it god, others might call it love—it has many names. Whatever you refer to it as, is a matter of your semantic preference. The point is that empaths are the ultimate channels—without even knowing it, we breathe and exist as portals to anything and everything. And when we don’t know it, we end up like untrained astronauts trying to fly a NASA spacecraft…can you say, “Houston we have feelings?” Luckily for us, we are living in what I’ve been calling the Age of the Healer, also known as the Age of Aquarius—an age in which the empathic purpose will be fulfilled—a concept I will discuss more in future posts. My point is, we empaths can channel the eternal mind of the universe, without even having to lift a finger. We can do it while we’re eating lunch or waiting in line at the supermarket—it’s that easy.

And this is a crucial step in acting as energy alchemists because, when we fully awaken our channel to the highest vibration of consciousness, we not only connect ourselves to that power, but we connect any negative energy we encounter to that power—and that power will transform and transmute whatever it touches, into love. You’ve heard the quote by Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We can understand this observation in terms of the universe. These little lives we experience as individuals, are just that—parts. And in these little roles, all added up, one on top of the other, it’s just chaos and suffering. We look at each other, and the totality of the state of things here on earth, and we just feel overwhelmed. But the whole itself, is a vastness that is so beyond the sum. The whole is an infinite mechanism, incapable of being summed up. Empathic intelligence is the gift through which we channel the vibration of this whole, greater than the sum of its parts. Through this portal within us, the energy of the world is reborn—transmuted.


So the question now is, how is this done? How do you do this? I’m going to get to the heart of this in an upcoming post, and in the form of a video which I will post in the coming weeks. Knowing how to activate the purpose of your empathic intelligence will be a big piece in the puzzle of mastering your gifts. Beyond the knowing, is the self-acceptance that empaths often struggle with. When you have a purpose this big, it can be a little intimidating. Not to mention the heavy dose of fear-based programming which you as an empath have been force fed. How do you seamlessly regurgitate that? How do you really come to realize, and embrace yourself, so that your truth as an empath will be expressed in this lifetime? And if your natural inclination as an empath is to attract extreme emotional experience, then how do you use what you do understand about energy alchemy on an everyday basis, in your routine interactions with others—how can you witness a liberation in them and in yourself, without really having to lift a finger? These topics and others will be the subject of my upcoming posts and videos. There is so much to learn and share together, empaths, and we have only just begun.

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Dear Empaths, You Are Energy Alchemists

Dear Empaths,

You are energy alchemists. Let me explain.

First, I would like to propose a radically different notion to you: you’re not fragile, and you don’t need to be protected. Yes, I am talking to you, empaths. This is probably different from what you’ve heard or read. I bet you’ve heard that you need to protect your energy, and avoid all kinds of people and situations because you’re just too sensitive.

As an empath, I have a question for my fellow empaths, and please forgive my language: what if that’s all bullshit? See, here’s the thing. Haven’t you ever wondered why we’re here? And by “we” I mean us sensitive people, who cry way more than we want to admit. Like, why do we have to go through all this, while we are here? Have you ever wondered that? Yeah, me too. And actually, I have received information about that, which I would like to share with you. Now, you can think I’m crazy if you like (God knows any empath worth her salt has been called that enough), but I am telling you, that I have been given some information about what we empaths are doing here and what spiritual purposes we serve in this world, why there are so many of us at this time, and why the absolute worst thing we can do is protect, or “shield” ourselves. Now, before you think I’m really batshit, let me clarify that this information that has been shared with me through a series of visions over a period of time, is, as I understand it, available to all of us. I would highly doubt that I am the only one who has received this information. And I would actually go so far as to say that empaths everywhere have in fact, received it, even if they don’t realize it. And I would go so far as to predict that empaths will identify and “get” this message, for that very reason.

But I digress—the point of this blog is not to explain how I got this information. The point of this blog is to share it. I wanted to tell you that, so that you would understand that what I am about to share with you is not precisely a formation from my own experience and thinking, but is rather what I believe to be a product of data channeled from some other dimension. Yes, I just said “channeled from some other dimension.” Yes, you can still call me crazy. But without further ado, let me now get to the point.


Energy Alchemy: the Purpose of Being an Empath?

summerfield-336672_1920 (1)

Empaths have always been brought into the world, throughout human history, in order to do one thing mainly, and that is transform emotional energy. Empaths are energy alchemists. While in recent times we have popularized our understanding of empaths through the notion that empaths are nothing more than extreme sensitives who must protect themselves from sensing too much, what I have been shown is that empaths are in fact supposed to sense. This is because, contrary to popular belief, empaths are not mere sponges purported to randomly absorb whatever feelings. This is because the universe in which we exist is not random. It’s true that from the small view, here in the concrete and physical dimension, everything, including the condition of being an empath, takes on the appearance of random chaos. But from the wider scope, a pattern emerges—the order creeps magnificently over the chaos, and every twisted, strange piece that seemed haphazardly flung from our microscopic view, is expressly placed from the macroscopic view.

So while it often seems we are just tossed into situations where we meaninglessly absorb emotions that then needlessly throw us off, in the big picture, there is a reason for it all. And this reason is a part of one big, quantum pattern. Now, frankly, anything that becomes quantum is going to escape the grip of our rational minds, and so we won’t always know the specific reason. But we can know the general reason. And the general reason is that empaths are anything but delicate or fragile. Empaths are intensely sensitive beings—and all intensely sensitive beings, contrary to societal depiction, are intensely strong. Empaths are spiritual warriors, and as I mentioned, energy alchemists. Empaths are here to transmute and transform the energy they absorb. Empaths do far more than merely absorb. Absorption is only the first step in what we do. Empaths are made to move that which is in negative form, to divine form—to shift that which is dark to light. In other words, we empaths are sort of like the spiritual trees of the human world, purifying the dirty air so that all creatures can go on living and breathing.


Now, just because empaths are intended to transmute negative into positive, does not mean this is what we do with our gifts. First of all, we have free will, so we don’t have to do “as intended.” But second of all, it is often the case that we just really don’t know our own power. Not only does the world generally prey on sensitive people (because there are many who secretly fear our strength), but we are told over and over that as empaths, we’re vulnerable little sponges who need to hide ourselves. And so what we end up doing is either constantly battling our gifts and trying to suppress our sensitivity (which is a bit like trying to put out a fire on the sun), or we end up using our transmutation powers the wrong way. In this latter case, we end up twisting energy around inside of us, without necessarily transforming it for better, and in some cases transforming it for worse. This is sometimes done intentionally but in the vast majority of cases, it is done simply out of blind frustration.

The bottom line is we empaths have been discouraged from the knowledge of our true power. But we are not intended to be kept in the dark. Many of us are beginning to embrace our empathic abilities for what they are, and many more will follow. And this brings me to the reason why empaths are more prevalent than ever: empaths are intended to lead us into the Age of Aquarius. Now this last point involves some rather detailed imagery and information, and so it will have to wait for an upcoming blog.

In my next blog, I will discuss in detail how you can hone your abilities as an empath to transform and transmute energy, and become the powerful emotional energy alchemist that you were meant to be. Being able to do this will free you from the familiar trappings of being an empath without putting you in the awkward and impossible situation of having to walk around constantly suppressing and shielding your sensitivity. Instead, you will be able to let it all hang out, as they say.

Until my next blog, which should be coming up shortly in the new year, have a beautiful rest of your December.


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