An End to the Suffocation of the Empath: Deep, Spirit Breathing

Dear Empaths,

We are currently between eclipses (with the last solar eclipse being on March 3rd and the next one approaching on March 23rd.) Everyone can feel this powerful and intense energy—but of course in particular, empaths do! Not only do we empaths feel the universal vibration—but we feel our neighbor’s vibration too. Eclipses bring long series of experience to a head or to birth, and knock open the doors to transformation with one, cool bang. The reason I’m discussing eclipses is because they manifest powerful energy, which of course is always on some level (usually in the beginning stages) experienced as painful energy. And we can use our empathic intelligence to transmute this energy, in order to liberate ourselves and improve the global spiritual environment in one fell swoop. This past weekend I channeled some information specifically about this, and the role of pain in our work as energy alchemists. I have no doubt that many of you will experience a familiarity with these words, as I believe empaths all over the world are beginning to channel similar messages at this time. Let this post be your validation.

For our purposes, let’s understand pain and anxiety to be of the same material. Pain is the notion of suffering that overtakes us, and anxiety is the similar notion of worry, which then translates into pain. Pain speaks to us in a quiet and desperate voice, which tells us from between the shadows in which it hides, that we only need to escape, in order to be liberated. Pain is a liar, living in our hearts. He stabs at the walls of our insides and threatens us in the night. Then he wipes us down with wallowing, wet rags and bellows for our torment. He seduces us with lies that he holds before us, like bright and colorful balloons. He tells us, “Take these and go away—run away from me and hide, and you will never see me again.” And like little children, we do just that. And like little children, we then run straight into his arms.

What goes wrong here? Hiding is the most certain expression of fear, and fear is the favorite child of pain. Fear takes our hand, like a little friend, and leads us straight to his father—pain. Now, there is no reason to blame ourselves for this. But as empaths, we are so empowered when we let our deeply feeling eye, unfold in the heavy truth of pain. We must begin to see, that this approach to pain is so universally embedded throughout our collective consciousness, that it courses throughout the veins of society now. And this world depends on the most sensitive ones, the ones whom the world at times mistakes for the weakest ones, to clear the energetic cobwebs that hold it in these traps.

You see, the thing about that is this: empaths themselves have been told that this approach to pain (running and hiding) is how they must deal with the effects of their gifts. Empaths are told to shield themselves. And in doing so, while it would appear we are spared, in the end we find ourselves under the grip of darkness and isolation. We are suffocated—and we find ourselves once more, in the dark arms of pain.

The Illusion of Separation


I have discussed this point with you before. But let me tell you what I heard (through channeling) on this subject matter over the weekend. There is no difference between the external experience and the internal one. The perception of this distinction is a product of the illusion of separation, wherein we on the concrete plane see the world as being disconnected from ourselves, and see others as occupying individual and separate spaces of existence. Now, while in the physical world one could argue that this perception is true, on a greater level of consciousness it dissolves into an illusion, and from this greater level, we can see it as that. But on the concrete level, when we believe and operate within the context of the illusion of separation, we see the condition of the external world, particularly when it seems negative, as some sort of punishment. In truth all is one, and the external and internal reflect through and into one another, blending infinitely in an ongoing sea of beingness. In this way, although you carry on your individual life, you are forever woven into everything, and forever a mirror of the external mirror, which you yourself are a mirror to, and so on. This is a quantum and infinite sort of reflecting that rationality cannot seize. However, your soul can know it instantly. And as your soul begins to let you know what it knows, know that when you see pain in the external, it belongs to you, and is a reflection of you—while you are a reflection of it. When we choose to hide and close ourselves away, we only continue this dance—although from the confines of our hiding spaces, the external becomes pure darkness, reflecting a new level of void into us.

How do we escape the void? To put it most simply: we must stop escaping. It is through not only mere acceptance, but love of pain that we find peace and healing. We know this already, as time and experience have taught us that in dealing with our pain, hiding never works. We know that acceptance moves us beyond the terror of resistance. We know that once we no longer resist, we find that nothing resists us—we find that the battle all along, as much as it seemed to be against this or that, was really only ever against ourselves.

When we consider what this means in terms of our roles in the world as empaths, we may at first feel intimidated. How are we supposed to love all of the pain and anguish we encounter from others in everyday life, when we sometimes can’t even love our own? If you are asking this question, know that I can relate to you. And yet, know also, that you and I together, are using our empathic vision to find our way—and we are getting somewhere. For although we think of love as a willingness, a trust and a gift which is presented to the deserving, love is not nearly as complicated as all that. Love is a vibration, devoid of rationale and willingness—it is an automatic and perpetual stream of consciousness that overwhelms these details. The pain and anguish we encounter in everyday life will transmute from darkness to light, from loathing to love, if it only passes through the hands of our empathic filter. This weekend I was shown what this empathic filter is, and what it appears like.

Now, we empaths are used to the idea of putting bubbles and shields around our auras and bodies. These serve to confine us. The empathic filter however, rather than blocking us from anything, transmutes whatever we encounter—transforms the impurities in the psychic air that surrounds us. The empathic filter goes around our bodies, just like an energetic shield. But the empathic filter traffics the pure divine energy of love. This love is not personally sourced—it draws instead from the infinite wave of love that composes and compels this mysterious universe.


Now, the question is, how do you make your own? It is very simple empaths, you channel it into being. All empaths are natural channels. Channeling is a matter of being connected to—and there is no stronger hookup than that of empathic connection. Conceive in your mind now, this eternal love—this divine source. Now draw it into your being with your breath. When you exhale, let it flow from your being and all around you. As you exhale, notice that you do not lose any of this love, for its sourced from an eternal place. The more you exhale (give) the more you inhale (receive) and vice versa. Continue to breathe in and out—this energy of love. And do not stop, at least do not stop on purpose. The idea is to match the rhythms of oxygen-breathing that are so natural to your physical body with the ever constant rhythms of love-breathing that are so natural to your spiritual body. Throughout the day, whenever you think of it, consciously reinforce the habit. You are developing your spiritual intelligence, and breathing life and health into your spiritual body. And you are becoming, every day, a more powerful energy alchemist.

I have so much more to share with you, empaths. Some upcoming posts will involve the following topics: overcoming anxiety through empathy; the purpose of empaths in the Age of Aquarius; how to tell if you are an empath; the purpose of the sociopath along the empath’s journey; and how to use your empathic intelligence to develop other spiritual abilities, such as clairvoyance. Of course, our main focus will continue to be energy alchemy and transmutation. Do any of these topics appeal to you, or is there something in particular you would like me to write about? Let me know in the comments section, or via the contact page. Until next time, empaths…

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  • DevanReply

    Yes! Thank you for this insightful email! I am in love with this life. Thank the heavens for alchemy. We all van be state alchemists! Warriors of light! Unite! : ) I will be sure to pass this on and I cannot wait to read so much more.

    • AlaynaReply

      Thank you so much Devan! I think as we continue to raise awareness we will all individually experience the collective power of empath consciousness. I appreciate you sharing this with others. Much love!

  • YehuditReply

    Thank you for this. I was actually amazed to be ready for this stage! Love and light. Namaste.

  • MariaReply

    Thanks for your post Alayna. I’m personally very keen to hear what you have to say about the purpose of the sociopath along the empath’s journey. (I have a sister who is a psychopath who has made my life hell. I find it hard to find anything positive in her attempts to destroy my life with her lies, her manipulation and her attempts to turn others against me.) If there is a way to view this more positively, I certainly need it! (One thing I know is that my sister has taught me who I don’t want to be.)

    • AlaynaReply

      Thank you so much for your feedback Maria. I am really sorry that you have had to live through that. I know all too well what it is like to deal with one myself. Bless you for your courage and for surviving.

  • gwenReply

    I’m so grateful to have come upon your site! You’ve given me hope and I’m so looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  • julieReply

    Dear Alayna – I have only just discovered your posts today. After reading through nearly all your blogs I can only say that a strange calmness has come over me. I have had very bad pains in my neck and back and just through the breathing techniques and breathing in love and giving love back out, I am feeling better already. Will be looking forward to more of your teachings and now realise that I am on the right path. Have known for a long time that there was something different about me, I am always the one that people pour their troubles out to and they normally make a bee line for me when at parties or gatherings – now maybe I know why. Once again thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • AlaynaReply

      Dear Julie, That is a very common thing with empaths… People are attracted to your healing heart. I am so happy that these posts have helped you, although it is the power of your own healing self that is truly deserving of the credit for that. I am really glad you have come here and we’ve found each other!

  • Sergio Flores RiveraReply

    Thanks you so much, your posts help me a lot. It’s possible canalize the empathic energy for the astral travels or lucid dreams? Thanks you Lady Alayna, I hope all the success for you. Sergio.

  • Donna HoernkeReply

    I am an empath just coming out from hiding for the last six years. These concepts that I am reading here are really ringing some bells for me and are very exciting. I look forward to trying these suggestions out. Ok to text if I need help with some of this ? Thanks again:)

  • EmillyReply

    Please don’t stop posting I need you to help me through this

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